Serial Irani Pishgoo Part 11 – سریال پیشگو قسمت 11 یازدهم




    Serial Irani Pishgoo Part 11 – TV Show

    Serial Irani Pishgoo Part 11 dialogue program is performed by Pejman Jamshidi and directed by Reza Bahravand and Amin Entezari and is a product of 1400. This program deals with conversations and interviews with less seen faces in other programs. Also, a music group is invited to this program every night.

    Pishgo program is actually the name of a talk show-comedy series in the form of a dialogue, which is broadcast on the home theater network in 20 episodes of 60 minutes, directed by (Reza Baharvand and Amin Entezari) and produced by (Mohammad Sharifi) in It was produced in 1400 with the sponsorship of Nemava platform. Also, the fortune-telling program will be distributed weekly from Soren Movie on Saturdays, starting from June 1, 1400, on Saturdays at 8:00 PM.

    In this hybrid and talk-based program, in each part of the fascinating program, famous artists and popular athletes will be present as guests, and along with Pejman Jamshidi, they will predict their destiny in the coming years and share their dreams and memories.

    “Pishgoo” is the name of a new hybrid program on the home network, which is run by Pejman Jamshidi. Pezhman Jamshidi in “Pishgoo” will host prominent figures who were less present in other programs before.This program is now in the pre-production stage and the platform for broadcasting the program will be announced soon. The first part of the Pishgoo program will be released in May 1400.

    The story of Pishgoo

    “Pishgoo” will confront its guests with different and audible stories in each episode. Reza Baharvand and Amin Entezari are the joint directors of “Pishgoo” and the show will be produced by Vitrin Studio.The first part of “Pishgoo” will host a special face with whom the conversation brings many surprises.

    The program discusses the past and future of the guests and every night a band is invited to the program.Pishgoo Pejman Jamshidi has a new atmosphere that has not been built yet and each episode of Pishgoo Pejman Jamshidi program will be held with various items such as live music from famous groups and with the presence of a special guest who includes actors and other famous Iranian artists.

    Well-known artists of Iranian cinema, including Amir Aghaei, are the guests of Pejman Jamshidi’s prophetic program.

    Reza Bahravand and Amin Entezari, Performed by: Pejman Jamshidi, Producer: Mohammad Sharifi

    Reza Bahravand

    Reza Baharvand is an Iranian writer and director, born on September 1, 1992 in Khorramabad. Reza Baharvand is a theater graduate from the Faculty of Art and Architecture in Tehran, which started its activities in 2008. He has staged more than eight plays.

    Among the works in which Reza Baharvand has worked, we can mention the collection of Pishgoo, Samaeizadeh and Shah Mahi. Reza Baharvand won two writing and directing awards at the Fajr International Theater Festival in 2009 for his play The Herring Fish. He has previously received numerous awards at the International University and Fajr Festivals for writing and directing luncheon and children’s parade shows on “Naked Pilgrimage”.