Serial Irani Malake Gedayan S2 Part 14 – ملکه گدایان فصل 2 قسمت 14


    Serial Irani Malake Gedayan S2 Part 14 – (ملکه گدایان فصل 2 قسمت 14) series went in front of the camera with the presence of famous actors from the art world, and it seems that it can receive positive comments from the audience.The filming of the Malake Gedaian series began in August this year and continued in accordance with health protocols.The first preview of the October series was released.The filming of part of this series was done in Turkey.Production agents went to Istanbul in November to shoot scenes there.Other parts of Malake Gedaian have also been recorded in the western part of Tehran.


    Arman Darvishpour, who is often remembered for his role in “Human Comedy”, is the main actor in the series. Other well-known actors in the series are as follows: Pantea Bahram, Farzad Farzin, Roya Nonhali, Farzad Farzin, Elham Korda and Reza Behboodi.

    Alborz (Arman Darvish) intends to get married, but his father is suddenly hospitalized in Iran due to a heart attack. Alborz, who for some reason is not able to enter Iran legally, decides to return home through smuggling.

    The story, at least in the form of a minimal, free from mise-en-scène and clichéd dialogues, has the necessary traction to persuade the audience to follow the series.The build quality of “Queen of Beggars” is disappointing. From the very beginning of the series, there is a pointless emphasis on the presence of characters in Turkish tourist places, which is fun.The narrative logic in the series, such as how Alborz escapes from where it is trapped, is so surprising that it makes the audience laugh.Arman Darvish’s role in the main role of “Queen of Beggars” is flawed. Darvish is not very ready to play the role of Alborz.

    From choosing the names of rich characters such as Alborz, Khorshid and Khosrow to poor characters named Batool, attention to old clichés in “Queen of Beggars” is often seen.

    Hossein Soheilizadeh, a director with a background in television and cinema who has made a successful work such as the Mannequin series in his repertoire, this time went to a new subject in the field of home theater network and scenes from this series were filmed in Istanbul, Turkey.Hossein Soheilizadeh, who has a successful experience such as the Mannequin series for home theater in her artistic career, this time went to a different series and will soon be a guest in people’s homes with this series.

    Farzad Farzin, who had the experience of working with Hossein Soheilizadeh in the series Mannequin, once again collaborated with this famous director in Malake Gedaian and went in front of the camera of this series with a different make-up.

    The summary of the story of the Queen Beggars series is as follows: “Today, you can be my tomorrow … No one knows the fate …. Even you”

    Baran Kowsari in Malake Gedaian experiences the first game in the series of Home Show Network. Farzad Farzin, who has had a successful experience playing in the Mannequin series, is collaborating with Hossein Soheilizadeh in this project for the second time.

    Roya Nonhali, Pantea Bahram, Mohammad Reza Ghaffari, Arman Darvish, Reza Behboodi, Elham Korda, Solmaz Ghani, Yasna Mirtahmasb, Behshad Sharifian, Erfan Naseri, Shabnam Ghorbani, Ali Salahi, Maryam Sarmadi and Nora Mohaghegh are other actors in the series Queen Gadai.

    Mohammad Reza Ghaffari

    Mohammad Reza Ghaffari, an actor in our country’s cinema and television, was born on August 27, 1985 in Tehran.This film and television actor is a graduate of graphic arts and continues to paint professionally, and due to his interest in acting, he entered the world of art by participating in acting classes.

    This artist of our country was born in a family of four and has an older sister and lost his father when he was only one and a half years old.

    Mohammad Reza Ghaffari went through many hardships from his childhood to his youth, and due to the absence of his father, there is a special relationship and interest between him and his mother.

    Mohammad Reza Ghaffari is not married until today and he is single and according to him, he is not thinking about marriage yet and this should happen to him and on the other hand, due to his great dependence on his family, he has not been able to accept the responsibility of marriage yet.

    Mohammad Reza Ghaffari lost his father when he was only one and a half years old and described a bitter memory from the first day of his school in the family program.

    Explaining this memory from his school days, this artist of our country said:

    “I was a year and a half old when my father died and on the first day of school, the teacher asked us a question about my parents’ job and I was allowed to go to the bathroom to escape answering this question and after 5 minutes I took the teacher out. I called from the class and asked him not to ask about his parents’ job again and that teacher’s face would never leave my eyes, and this was the effect that remained on me as a child, and I do not think children should be asked too many questions.”