Serial Irani Malake Gedayan S2 Part 13 – ملکه گدایان فصل 2 قسمت 13


    Serial Irani Malake Gedayan S2 Part 13 – (ملکه گدایان فصل 2 قسمت 13) series went in front of the camera with the presence of famous actors from the art world, and it seems that it can receive positive comments from the audience.The filming of the Malake Gedaian series began in August this year and continued in accordance with health protocols.The first preview of the October series was released.The filming of part of this series was done in Turkey.Production agents went to Istanbul in November to shoot scenes there.Other parts of Malake Gedaian have also been recorded in the western part of Tehran.


    Arman Darvishpour, who is often remembered for his role in “Human Comedy”, is the main actor in the series. Other well-known actors in the series are as follows: Pantea Bahram, Farzad Farzin, Roya Nonhali, Farzad Farzin, Elham Korda and Reza Behboodi.

    Alborz (Arman Darvish) intends to get married, but his father is suddenly hospitalized in Iran due to a heart attack. Alborz, who for some reason is not able to enter Iran legally, decides to return home through smuggling.

    The story, at least in the form of a minimal, free from mise-en-scène and clichéd dialogues, has the necessary traction to persuade the audience to follow the series.The build quality of “Queen of Beggars” is disappointing. From the very beginning of the series, there is a pointless emphasis on the presence of characters in Turkish tourist places, which is fun.The narrative logic in the series, such as how Alborz escapes from where it is trapped, is so surprising that it makes the audience laugh.Arman Darvish’s role in the main role of “Queen of Beggars” is flawed. Darvish is not very ready to play the role of Alborz.

    From choosing the names of rich characters such as Alborz, Khorshid and Khosrow to poor characters named Batool, attention to old clichés in “Queen of Beggars” is often seen.

    Hossein Soheilizadeh, a director with a background in television and cinema who has made a successful work such as the Mannequin series in his repertoire, this time went to a new subject in the field of home theater network and scenes from this series were filmed in Istanbul, Turkey.Hossein Soheilizadeh, who has a successful experience such as the Mannequin series for home theater in her artistic career, this time went to a different series and will soon be a guest in people’s homes with this series.

    Farzad Farzin, who had the experience of working with Hossein Soheilizadeh in the series Mannequin, once again collaborated with this famous director in Malake Gedaian and went in front of the camera of this series with a different make-up.

    The summary of the story of the Queen Beggars series is as follows: “Today, you can be my tomorrow … No one knows the fate …. Even you”

    Baran Kowsari in Malake Gedaian experiences the first game in the series of Home Show Network. Farzad Farzin, who has had a successful experience playing in the Mannequin series, is collaborating with Hossein Soheilizadeh in this project for the second time.

    Roya Nonhali, Pantea Bahram, Mohammad Reza Ghaffari, Arman Darvish, Reza Behboodi, Elham Korda, Solmaz Ghani, Yasna Mirtahmasb, Behshad Sharifian, Erfan Naseri, Shabnam Ghorbani, Ali Salahi, Maryam Sarmadi and Nora Mohaghegh are other actors in the series Queen Gadai.

    Pantea Bahram

    Pantea Bahram was born on March 4, 1948 in Tehran. In 1987, he started his acting career academically by entering the Radio and Television School and studying acting.According to the news, Pantea Bahram got married and separated from his wife after living together for a while, and this photo was introduced as the wife of the actress.

    Admirable play on Syrian Wednesday After playing in this series, good conditions were provided for his presence in the cinema.Although his first films were not very popular with his audience until Chaharshanbeh Soori, his admirable performance in Chaharshanbeh Soori promised a new era of his acting in cinema.A period in which good performances in films such as Eqlima, The Postman did not break three times, brought nothing and goodbye to Baghdad.

    Pantea Bahram’s performance on Syrian Wednesday is so spectacular that the viewer can review his play in his mind moment by moment until hours after leaving the cinema, and admire him for his cleverness in presenting his role.The role and melodic words of Pantea Bahram were not considered as the postman three times in the postman.

    Dialogue plays an important role in playing a role and conveying feelings to the audience. In such a situation, if the dialogue is incomprehensible to the audience and the actor, the efforts of the actor and the group will be in vain.

    Panthea Bahram in “Nothing” Although some of his dialogues were incomprehensible due to stuttering, but he was able to fully understand the sense of role and convey it to his audience.

    So that both the attractive moments of the role appeared for the audience and his audience expressed their sympathy with him in difficult and bitter moments. In general, it had aroused the audience’s sense of self.She was by no means so good that she can be considered a true example of a woman in such a society.

    Manijeh will be a complex character. Bahram’s recent play in the series Under Eight, although at the beginning we see her as an ordinary girl who wants to have a simple life, but there is a mystery in the heart of this character that conveys this concept to the audience. Slowly, this volcanic mountain will not remain silent until the end, and as the story progresses, we will see fundamental events and changes in the role of Manijeh.

    In any case, we should not forget that Pantheon of Mars has managed to take home several times from the Fajr Film Festival and the Cinema House Festival, the Crystal Simorgh and the Cinema House statue, as well as from world festivals.

    Pantea Bahram has recently played the role of Jaleh Moeed in the series Inverted Interpretation of a Dream. The Inverted Interpretation of a Dream is a nuclear energy spy series that began filming in mid-1993.