Serial Irani Khatoon Part 3 – سریال خاتون قسمت 3 سوم


    Serial Irani Khatoon Part 3 – (سریال خاتون قسمت 3 سوم) is a drama, historical and romantic series starring Negar Javaherian and Ashkan Khatibi.This series is written and directed by Tina Pakravan and produced by Ali Asadzadeh.According to the Nemava platform, the first episode of the Khatoon series aired on Monday, August 9th.


    Khatoon is Tina Pakravan’s first series for the Home Show Network.According to him, this series is narrated in a historical atmosphere and three seasons and tells the story of a family in history.A story that begins at the beginning of September 1320 and during the Second World War and the occupation of Iran by the Allies and shows the fate of the developments of a family and land.

    In this series, Kayhan Kalhor, the famous musician of the country, has also collaborated as a composer and Khatoon agent.Khatoon series is known as one of the most played series on the home theater network.But the issue that has caused a great deal of controversy about Khatoon is the bizarre censorship of Javaherian’s illustrator on the series’ city billboards.

    According to the agents of the Khatoon collection, part of the story of this collection takes place in the northern regions of the country during the Second World War.

    Khatoon has a historical theme, and the general focus of the story of the “Khatoon” series is supposed to be the narration of the events of the thirties and forties.

    But the main story of the series is about a woman from this land who once fought for her life in Iran.

    Negar Javaherian is an actress in the series Khatoon and plays the role of Khatoon.

    Ashkan Khatibi plays the role of “Shirzad Malek.” He is the deputy of the two armies, a strict soldier, and the wife of a woman. Shirzad Malek is a man in love.

    Mehran is the acting director of “Jahangir Roozbeh.” He is an intelligent, influential, humorous, opportunistic, and Anglophile man who thinks the world revolves around the English. Jahangir Roozbeh is the uncle of English lady Joon.

    Shabnam Moghaddami plays the role of “Fakhralnessa.” She is an older woman from Qajar who married Nasser Khan Malek Lahiji and came to Tehran from the north. Fakhralnessa is the mother of Shirzad Malek and the mother-in-law of Khatoon.

    Ida Mahiani plays Barbara Kowalska. In the spring of 1931, large numbers of Polish women, girls, children, and, less commonly, elderly and sick men were transferred from Siberian concentration camps to Allied-occupied Iran. Barbara Kowalska was one of these women.

    Payam Dehkordi plays the role of Nazarbig, a businessman and comrade of the English Dijon.

    Mehran Ghafourian, who plays the role of “Monsieur,” is in charge of accepting this hotel in Persia Hotel, which has witnessed countless political, emotional, and other events.

    Reza Behboodi plays the role of “Dr. Bukowski”. He is a Polish doctor who is building a hospital in the port of Pahlavi.

    The star of Pesyani plays the role of “Parvin” in the story. She is the only friend of a woman and a fighting girl fighting for the land of this land and its people.

    Shahrokh Foroutnian plays the role of “Fereydoun Khan,” the brother of Fakhr al-Nisa and the uncle of Shirzad Ghana, a railway engineer from Germany. He lives in Rasht with his wife and only daughter Marie.

    Mehdi Ghorbani plays the role of “Farhad,” an army soldier and a special envoy of the Shirzad Malek family.

    Mahtab Thorati plays the role of “Mary,” the daughter of Fereydoun Khan and the daughter of Shirzad’s uncle. She is a hybrid daughter of a German mother and an Iranian father.

    Behnaz Jafari plays the role of “Rana”, Howie Fakhralnasa. She is the second wife of Nasir Khan Malek Lahiji, a rural, simple, and kind woman.

    Babak Hamidian plays the role of “Commissioner Rajabov.” He is a person full of resentment for whom the homeland has no meaning. In general, Commissar Rajab F is a scary character who has nothing to lose.

    Farrokh Nemati plays the role of “Brigadier General Arya,” the military commander of Gilan. Brigadier General Arya is superior to Shirzad Malek.

    Atefeh Razavi plays the role of “power”.

    Mir Saeed Moldavian, who plays Reza Fakhar, is a patriotic man who does not tolerate the Allied occupation of Iran and fights for the freedom of his people and his land.

    Actors and agents of the Khatoon series

    According to Namava Public Relations, Negar Javaherian, Ashkan Khatibi, Mir Saeed Molavian, Shabnam Moghaddami, Mehran Modiri, Babak Hamidian, Reza Behboodi, Setareh Pesyani, Shahrokh Foroutnian, Behnaz Jafari, Mehdi Ghorbani, Mahtab Sarouti, Behnam Sharafi, Ali Forootan, Dariush Movafaq, Mehran Ghafourian, Payam Dehkordi, Farrokh Nemati, Atefeh Razavi, Pejman Bazghi, Ghazal Shakeri, Ghorban Najafi, Soroush Sehat, Aida Mahiani, Shirin Mohseni, Reza Abbasi, Peyman Mirzaei, Samaneh Moniri, Majid Giachi and Marjan Mottaghi, Actors in Khatoon are.

    According to the announcement of this platform, writer and director: Tina Pakravan, composer: Kayhan Kalhor, director of photography: Hooman Behmanesh, editor: Mohammad Najarian, producer: Ali Asadzadeh, make-up: Babak Eskandari, stage designer: Kamyab Amin Ashayeri, costume designer: Sara Samiei, Voice: Alireza Alaviyan, Voice: Mehran Malakouti are the main actors of the series.

    Ashkan Khatibi

    In this section, we review the biography of Ashkan Khatibi and his wife, Anahita Dargahi.Ashkan Khatibi is one of the most famous films and television actors. In addition to acting, Ashkan Khatibi pursues other professions such as singing. His wife, Ms. Anahita Dargahi, is also a full-fledged artist, and the two are an all-artistic and loving couple.

    Ashkan Khatibi, director, singer, and actor, was born in 1978 in Mallard Mill, Alborz province.He is a theater graduate from the Faculty of Art and Architecture at Azad University.Ashkan Khatibi is a famous and tasteful actor in cinema, television, and theater.He also works as an actor, director, presenter, singer, translator, and restaurant manager.

    In short, it is multimedia for itself. We remember the admirable play of young Ashkan in the series of the 80’s such as “City Lights,” “Breathless,” “Tropical Flowers,” and…

    It is less seen in movies and TV series these days, and the main focus is on theater and music.Khatibi was one of the coaches of the comedy show the comedy show. In that show, we witnessed his mastery of performance and performance techniques.Ashkan Khatibi was born on October 10, 1979, in Tehran.He inherited an interest in art and literature from his parents as a child.

    His family was his first and most significant supporter of the art path.Of course, all Ashkan Khatibi’s family members, except for his brother, are currently living abroad.Ashkan says that his mother takes him and his brother to music and language classes every day, enduring many difficulties, and their primary motivation was to learn these two professions.

    He started practicing music earlier and gradually moved to the cinema.He developed a strange interest in cinema during high school and was a prolific reader of film magazines.Cinema was Ashkan’s first choice in the entrance exam.But he was not accepted and chose the performing arts to be his first interest in the neighborhood.He says that due to the unsatisfactory situation of music in those years, he did not choose this field to study and continued it in a non-academic environment.

    During all these years, music has been as severe for him as cinema and theater.He started his music career even before entering the field of acting.In the first year of entering the university, Khatibi met people like Babak Saeedi, who formed the Apollo band in 1998.

    Apollon was one of the few Iranian bands in those years.Ashkan Khatibi left the group after a while.But he always continued his musical activity.He is currently the leader of the Traffic Band and has released an album.He also had several singles, captions, and concerts.Rock is Ashkan’s favorite music, and he is also good at playing piano, guitar, and harmonica.