Serial Irani Haft Khan Part 24 – مسابقه هفت خان قسمت 24 بیست و چهارم


    Serial Irani Haft Khan Part 24 – (مسابقه (هفت خان قسمت 24 بیست و چهارم is a competition performed by Mohammad Reza Golzar in which you can test your general information.Participants in this exciting competition will have to answer a variety of questions based on their general knowledge.


    Haft Khan series is directed and performed by Mohammad Reza Golzar and produced by Mehdi Moniri in 1399.Haft Khan attractive competition can not only entertain the audience, but also raise their awareness and encourage their viewers to increase the reading rate.

    Mohammad Reza Golzar, who was previously in charge of the winning contest, has returned to the arena with Haft Khan and will be your guest house with this big contest.

    The Haft Khan competition procedure is designed based on the answers to the questions in the announced branches and the general information level of the participants.

    The prize winners are for their talent and ability and there will be no discrimination between participants during the competition.

    Initially, the executor provides 50 ingots equivalent to 100 million Tomans as capital to the participant. Participants in the process of this contest keep their ingots and when the ingots lose their ingots due to incorrect answers, the contest ends.

    The participant has to go through all seven khans and each khan’s questions are related to a branch of general information. If he succeeds and protects the remaining ingots, he will be rewarded with the equivalent.

  • In case of reaching the fifth khan, the participant can keep his balance and leave the competition.
  • Attendance at this program is completely free for participants.
  • Watch the educational teaser for information on how to compete.
  • Initially, those who are interested in participating in this competition enter their details and after verifying and making sure that the participant is real, the entrance exam begins.

  • The participant must answer 20 questions in 10 minutes and finish the competition.
  • At the end of the competition, the score will be announced to the participant.
  • After completing the initial test and in case of obtaining the necessary score to enter, the participant must wait for the coordination and public relations team of Haft Khan to contact him and make the necessary arrangements.

  • It should be noted that this is a two-person competition and those who are accepted in the entrance exam are invited with them
  • The participant has only 30 seconds for each question.
  • And will not be allowed to return to the previous question after each time has elapsed.
  • Each person can only take the entrance test once.
  • Participants must be active subscribers of Nama.
  • The list of books approved by this collection is uploaded here. One of the goals of this collection is to increase study hours in the country.

    Introduction of agents and venue

    Mohammad Reza golzar

    Mehdi Moniri
    Producer and executor of the project

    Javad Sahandi
    Producer Deputy

    Saeed Satisfaction

    Amir Samsami
    production manager

    Kamran Khorsandi
    Website development

    Mehdi Hashemi
    Decor and stage designer

    Milad Taban
    Graphic designer of the program

    Kianoosh Khosravi
    Light designer

    Theme Studio

    Mahshid Varzandeh
    Contest Designer

    Mohammad Hassan Raitpour Moghaddam
    the writer

    Cyberspace management
    Theme Box

    Omid Golzadeh

    Ilya Dastmalchi

    MohammadReza Azizolahi

    Yousef Bashiri
    Procurement Substitute

    Mohammad radfar
    Decor presenter

    Amir Samsami

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