Serial Eshgh Mantegh Entegham Part 6 Zirnevis




    Serial Eshgh Mantegh Entegham Part 6 Zirnevis

    The new 2021 adaptation series, which airs on Fox TV on Friday nights, tells the story of a couple who decide to divorce and separate because of a dispute between them;Exactly where the romance between them begins to flare up again as before. Actor in the lead role of the series Love; Logic; It is called revenge of the captives.

    Esra is a waitress and to change her standard of living, she is tired of the hardships of life and has a rational marriage with Bazd Engineer, but when she experienced material and financial problems in this marriage, she was forced to end the marriage.After the divorce, Bard started a software company and became very rich.Ironically, one day, Esra starts working in this company.

    The life of the prisoners turns upside down after the news they see in the newspaper. Her ex-husband (Ozan), who divorced a year ago, owned a million-dollar company.Esra decides to fall in love with Ozan again and repair his broken heart, so he enters Ozan Company and wants to be hired there.

    While Çınar continues to argue with Esra about what happened between her and Ozan, Çağla, who comes to them, invites everyone to a meeting.

    Esra faces a great reaction from Çağla because she hides from everyone that Menekşe Ev Yemekleri Lokantası belongs to her family. The complaint of the poisoned person put the company and the restaurant in a difficult situation.

    Elif and Ekrem realize that it was Zümrüt who closed the restaurant and tell Ozan. The solutions that Ozan finds both to open the restaurant and to punish Zümrüt for what he has done will be quite interesting.

    Ask Mantik intikam Casts And Maker

    Burcu Özberk – Esra ,Ilhan Sen – Ozan , Zeynep Kankonde , Süleyman Atanisev , Sevda Bas , Tarik Serbetçioglu , Birgül Ulusoy , Burak Yörük , Ceren Koç , Günay Karacaoglu , Mehmet Korhan Firat , Mehmet Yilmaz , Melisa Döngel , Murat Öztürk – Maker

    Burcu Özberk

    Burcu Özberk (born 12 December 1989, Eskişehir) is a Turkish TV series and theater actress.

    Özberk, who graduated from Hacettepe University Ankara State Conservatory Theater Department, had his first screen experience in the Magnificent Century series in 2013, and played the character of Huricihan Sultan in this series.The character of Nazlı Yılmaz in the TV series Güneşin Kızları became a turning point in her career.

    He took part in the plays Marquis de Sade Quills and Woyzeck Tale in Erdal Beşikçioğlu’s Practice Stage. He played in the TV series Aslan Ailem, which was broadcast on TRT 1 between 2017-2018.He then played the character of Türkan in the movie Direniş Karatay.

    Later, he played in the Afili Ask series, which was broadcast on Kanal D between 2019-2020.She played the character of Ayşegül in the TV series Childhood, which started on FOX in October 2020.