Hamed Behdad becomes the actor of “Bob Marley” Movie – حامد بهداد




    Last week, Hamed Behdad agreed with Mohammad Sadegh Ranjkashan, the producer of the movie “Bob Marley”, to appear in the movie.

    The film “Bob Marley” directed by Davood Khayyam and co-written by the director and Ali Zarnegar, which has a social theme, will be shot in the south of the country in the early second half of the year.

    The film was licensed by the Cinema Organization in late May.The pre-production of “Bob Marley” has been started for some time with the presence of Hassan Mostafavi as the production manager of the project, and negotiations with other actors and actors of this film are continuing.

    Bob Marley, one of Jamaica’s most prominent contemporary figures, was a reggae singer, songwriter, guitarist and social activist, and it is unclear how he will be addressed in the film. And the people involved in this project did not publish more details.