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Serial Irani ham gonah 25


Out of Arman’s eyes, his father and brother meet Ziba and learn of his deteriorating physical condition, realizing that they have never known Arman. An ideal that alone throws itself into the fire and water for beauty and strives for its betterment with full faith.

But elsewhere a plan is underway. Gravedigger Death Plan. By staging, Parviz draws someone who has told Fariborz that the gravedigger will be present. But the person who introduces himself as a gravedigger is his own puppet, Parviz, and he is killed in the crowd by other puppets so that the police can close the gravedigger’s case.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The police character played by Parviz Parastovi is the most clichéd and ingenious character in the story, who lacks the spirit and credibility that other characters have.

The stories and the police arrests and closures of the story that Fariborz is looking for are also one of the most hollow parts of the script. The irrational events that take place in the scenes related to the story of the gravedigger and the deceptive stereotypes of the police distort all the viewer’s sensory connection with the series, and the bugs of the story are immediately visible.

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Serial Irani Aghazadeh Part 9


“Aghazadeh” is a production of Ouj Media Arts Institute, one of the home theater series, which, due to its interesting and challenging subject, has been able to be welcomed by the people in the same short period of time on social media and networks.

Mehdi Soltani, who plays the role of “Amir Bahri”, is one of the actors who has played a role in the home drama series “Aghazadeh”, and today, by posting pictures on his Instagram page, he announced the end of filming the series and its coincidence with his birthday.

Mehdi Soltani Sarvestani wrote on his personal Instagram page:

The word “end” is pleasant when it is synonymous with accomplishment. The filming of “Aghazadeh” was done with a friendly and clean team.

An examination of the amount of online viewing of “Aghazadeh” on the Filimo distribution system shows that the series surpassed previous records in the first four days by a considerable distance.

Behrang Tofighi’s latest online watch statistics until 12 pm on Wednesday on the Filimo platform are 25 million 861 thousand 865 minutes, which is a new record in watching online series on the home theater network by comparing the previous statistics.

The physical version of this series was completed in the first 4 days of release, 24 hours after the distribution, which is another record for “Aghazadeh”.

Amin Tarakh, Amir Aghaei, Soraya Ghasemi, Masoud Forootan and Niki Karimi are the actors of this series.

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Serial Irani del part 36


Ava is the sister of Rasta, played by Yekta Nasser.Although she has shown throughout the series that she is a really compassionate and kind sister, it is not unlikely that her behavior will be just a mask on her face. Maybe for any reason he is jealous of his sister.

Maybe he had plans for himself that Arash and Rasta’s marriage would ruin, maybe he was disappointed in the meantime.

Ava was one of the few people who knew the time and place of her sister’s presence on the wedding night, and even the parents of the bride and groom did not have the hairdresser’s address.

So it is possible that Ava hired someone against her sister. If that happened then we would all be in for a rude awakening.

We all know that Turan, played by Nasrin Moghanloo, was against the marriage of Arash and Rasta from the very beginning, but did he draw such a criminal plan to prevent this connection?

This seems a little unlikely.Because if it turns out that everything is under Turan, then the audience of the series will not be surprised and nothing special will happen.

So the end of the series will not be so surprising, but he is also one of the suspects.

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Serial Irani ham gonah 24


ham gonah has relieved the audience of the idea that he has a story to tell until the last moment and a winner to face, and he will not leave his audience until the last moment.

There is nothing wrong with the end of the series, and the audience of the series, who have been counting down the moments until the arrival of new episodes, would like not to face the last episode so soon.

The ninth episode continues while an anonymous phone call to Hedyeh’s uncle tells Farhad about Hedyeh’s father’s death. The only suspect to reveal the story in Farhad’s mind is Lida, but he still does not know his brother Farid. Farid tirelessly fights on several fronts against the demands of his family members.

Amin has been waiting for the matter to be made public since he became acquainted with the reality of Nikki and his family, and as Peyman was accepted as a member of the family, Nikki / Parya will also be accepted.

Amin talks to Peyman and asks him for help, but he does not know Peyman. Peyman goes to his sister on fire and threatens her that if the child in the womb of her friend, who belongs to Nasrin and Fariborz, is left, Amin will meet her again during the hot battle.

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Serial Irani del part 35


The series Del is the narrator of several intertwined stories that begin with the love story of Arash and Rasta and the disruption of their wedding ceremony with the theft of Rasta, and along with this story, other stories are set in the heart of the story.

Episode 35 of the Dell series was distributed on the home show network, and the file of the second season of this home show series was closed.

Dell series is the latest series of Manouchehr Hadi’s home show, which is to be distributed in three seasons and 40 episodes on the home show network, and the third season of this series will begin soon with the airing of episode 35.

The third season of Dell series from August in home show:

Manouchehr Hadi, the director of the series “Del”, announced the exact time of the distribution of the third season of this series in the home show by publishing a post.

The distribution of episode 35 of the Dell series, which is actually the beginning of the third season of this series, will begin in July in a home show.

On the back published by Manouchehr Hadi is:

Wait for two big events in the last episode of the second season of Dell series. The twenty-eighth episode, the end of the second season, will be distributed on Wednesday.

Guess the end of Arash and Robbie’s relationship? Who hired Nakisa to steal Rasta?

Manouchehr Hadi, after making a romantic series in a home show, went to the series Del and created another romantic one with the presence of famous cinema actors.

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Sen Cal Kapimi Romantic Comedy Television Series


Turkish series Sen Çal Kapımı is trying to get the best romantic series of summer 2020.The series has been airing since June. Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin are co-stars in this controversial series Sen Çal Kapımı.

The series, produced by MF Yapım, airs on Fox TV and is directed by the well-known Turkish director Ender Mıhlar.The first episode of Sen Çal Kapımı will be broadcast on Fox Network on Wednesday, July 3, and the second episode will air on July 16.

Eda yildiz, who has no choice but to continue her education despite all the financial problems, receives a scholarship from a large company to continue her education abroad and starts her studies abroad with great enthusiasm, but the scholarship It is cut off by the company.

Later, Eda finds out that the person who cut the stock market is the boss of the company, the crown prince of the company, and angrily goes to take account of him. In contrast, Serkan Bolat makes a very interesting offer.

The actors who accompany Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin in this series are: Neslihan Yeldan, Bige Önal , Evrim Dogan, Ismail Ege Sasmaz, Anil Ilter, Melisa Döngel, Elcin Afacan.

Eda (Hande Erçel) faces all her hopes in an educated life, facing the boss of Bolat (Kerem Bürsin) who has given up her international scholarship.

Serkan Bolat offers Eda that if he plays her fiancé for two months, he will give her a scholarship. Although Eda rejects the offer of the man she hates, she is forced to accept when circumstances change.

While playing the role, Sarkan and Eda experience a passionate and challenging relationship that makes everyone forget what is right. Because love is hard.

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Turkish Romantic Drama Series


The series has a very good cast, amazing dialogue, good music, as well as layered characterization and good costume design.

“Akin Akinözü” and “Ebru Sahin” are the main actors of this series. This series proved to everyone that for success, the story is more important than the big letters to make a movie or series.

The story of this series is about a young boy named “Miran” whose parents have died due to a mistake made by a man, and now that man is a bloody enemy for “Miran” who seeks revenge on him! “Miran” is a serious percentage of revenge for the death of his parents.

“Miran” is like an infantryman who has been mentally and psychologically damaged by his grandmother, Aziza, since he was a child! He is like a rebellious rebel who is stuck in his grandmother’s prison. He has blindly believed the words of his grandmother (mother’s father) and has lived under her wings without knowing her true face.

He has a burnt soul that burns everything he touches! He lives to avenge what he and his family have lost because of the Shadaglu family. He has been mourning for 27 years and knows nothing but hatred, but a small cursor of love in the corner of his heart may change the course of the story.

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Pinocchio 2020 Fantasy Movie


Many years have passed since Guillermo del Toro announced his interest in producing an animation based on the character of Pinocchio;

An animation that was first talked about more than a decade ago and will eventually be produced with the help of Netflix after a long time and will be shown next year.

Evan McGregor will be one of the voice actors in this animation, and it has recently been revealed that this Scottish actor has spoken instead of Jiminy Cricket.

Jimmy Cricket is one of the famous characters in the book “The Adventures of Pinocchio” by Carlo Claudio, produced in 1883, who accompanies Pinocchio in the adventures of this wooden boy in the form of a talking cricket.

We have seen this character in various forms in movies and television to date, and the most famous image is related to the 1940 Walt Disney Pinocchio animation, and this time we are going to accompany this character with a different appearance, and Ivan McGregor, who plays Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars movies will be his voice.

It was late September of this year that Walt Disney Company began initial talks with Robert Zamkis, director of acclaimed films such as the Back to the Future trilogy, Forrest Gump, and Cast Away, directed by Pinocchio. Zamkis has officially started directing and writing the script for this live-action film.

According to Deadline, the production of Pinocchio will most likely begin later this year. We have to wait for the next news.

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Shakuntala Devi 2020 Bollywood Movie


Shakuntala Devi is directed by Anu Menon (Waiting, Four More Shots Please Season 1) and is produced by Sony Pictures Networks Productions and Vikram Malhotra (Abundantia Entertainment). The film stars Vidya Balan as well as Jisshu Sengupta, Sanya Malhotra and Amit Sadh in the lead roles.

‘Shakuntala Devi’ released will feature thousands of TV shows and films in Hollywood and Bollywood in the Prime Video Catalog. These include the Indian films Gulabo Sitabo, Ponmagal Vandal and Penguin, Indian-made Amazon original series such as Breath: In to the Shadows, Patal Lok, The Forgotten Army – for Ajadi, four more shots please season 1 and 2, The Family Man, Mirzapur , Inside Age Seasons 1 and 2, and Made in Heaven.

Theaters are closed due to Corona epidemic in the country. As such, the films are being released directly on OTT platforms. Now viewers will be able to sit at home and watch new films. In such a situation, this weekend matters because many films are going to be released on 31 July on different OTT platforms. Know about these films 

Vidya Balan’s film Shakuntala Devi will be released on July 31 on Amazon Prime Video. In this, she will be seen in the role of Shakuntala Devi, popularly known as Math’s Genius and Human Computer. The film’s trailer was well received. Now the audience is eagerly awaiting its release.

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Serial Irani Aghazadeh Part 8


Aghazadeh series is one of the series that was distributed in 1999. Directed by Behrang Tofighi and written by Hamed Angha with the presence of a collection of film and television celebrities from Amir Aghaei (as Nima Bahri, Aghazadeh and Amir’s half-son), Niki Karimi (as Tina and Nima employee and friend Razieh), Amin Tarakh ( In the role of Haj Reza and Sharifa’s wife) and Mehdi Soltani (in the role of Dr. Amir Bahri and Aghazadeh’s stepfather’s story) and Amin Hayaee (in the role of Behrooz and Nima’s friend) and Kambiz Dirbaz (in the role of Shahnam and Aghazadeh’s friend) and others.

Gentlemen and nieces and nephews, along with grooms and brides of famous billionaire women, the spoken and written literature of Iranian media and social networks has been quoted for a decade.

People who are examples of violation of meritocracy and looting of the nation’s property by force, robbery and looting of the treasury, and some of them fell into the clutches of the law and went to Evin prison like Seyyed Mohammad Hadi Razavi and Queen Daru (Shabnam Nematzadeh).

The famous Aghazadeh of these years, Sasha Sobhani, although he owes the dollars of his gambling site in his luxury life abroad, but he believes that the gene is not good and his income is the product of business intelligence! After all, Sasha Sobhani is the eldest son of Ahmad Sobhani, a high-ranking diplomat with a background in the Foreign Ministry in Venezuela and other countries. Recently, Sasha Sobhani has reacted to the Aghazadeh series.

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