aghazadeh 10

Serial Irani Aghazadeh Part 10

The prominent cinema actor, in the role of Haj Hassan, joined the "Aghazadeh" home theater network to experience the second series of his career.
del - 37

Serial Irani del part 37

Mehran, played by Mehdi Koushki, has denied involvement in the kidnapping case in the presence of Rasta, but should his words be believed? Mehran was in the...
ham gonah 25

Serial Irani ham gonah 25

Out of Arman's eyes, his father and brother meet Ziba and learn of his deteriorating physical condition, realizing that they have never known Arman. An ideal that...
aghazadeh 9

Serial Irani Aghazadeh Part 9

"Aghazadeh" is a production of Ouj Media Arts Institute, one of the home theater series, which, due to its interesting and challenging subject, has been able to...
del - 36

Serial Irani del part 36

Ava is the sister of Rasta, played by Yekta Nasser.Although she has shown throughout the series that she is a really compassionate and kind sister, it is...
ham gonah 24

Serial Irani ham gonah 24

ham gonah has relieved the audience of the idea that he has a story to tell until the last moment and a winner to face, and he...