Bay Yanlis Romantic Comedy Television Series

Ozgur is a boy of about thirty who has lost faith in girls and love and is looking for a day-to-day relationship. Just like his name, he has a...
part 39

Serial Irani del part 39

We are gradually approaching the last episode of the series "Del" and although the end of the story can be guessed from now on, but Manouchehr Hadi, the director...
part 12

Serial Irani Aghazadeh Part 12

Prior to the distribution of Aghazadeh, the most popular series in Namava belonged to the series "Homogeneh", which "Aghazadeh" was able to replace. The entire physical version of the first...
part 38

Serial Irani del part 38

In recent episodes of the series, we saw that Rasta's father, with the help of his friend and comrade, who was a retired police colonel, was able to reveal...

Zanha Fereshteh And 2

"zanha fereshteh and 2" is a comedy film that is far from the standards of a true comedy and has received a lot of good reviews.The movie "zanha fereshteh...
aghazadeh 11

Serial Irani Aghazadeh Part 11

Among the home theater network series that are being distributed these days, Aghazadeh can also be among the bestsellers who have a lot of fans. The filming of Aghazadeh series...