top netflix movies

Top 18 Netflix Movies to Watch In 2021

2020 was the year nobody expected. At first months, experts predicted this year would be one of the most lucrative years for technology-related companies such as Apple or Samsung,...
Tenet Movie

The Best Action Hollywood Movies in 2020

2020 was very much affected by the spread of the Corona Virus, so many people died, jobs were destroyed, and movies were not an exception. Many movies were either...

Serial Irani Malake Gedaian Part 17

Hossein Soheilizadeh, a director with a background in television and cinema who has made a successful work such as the Mannequin series in his repertoire, this time went to...

Serial Irani Gisoo Part 10

Gisoo is the continuation of the first season of the romantic series directed by Manouchehr Hadi and produced by Hooman Kabiri. This series is broadcast weekly (Wednesdays) on the...
Mardome Mamooli

Serial Mardome Mamooli Part 2

The broadcast of the Mardome Mamooli's home theater series directed by the young Rambod began on April 25, 1400.The authors of this series are Pouya Mahdavizadeh and Zahra Afshar. The...