Part 15

Serial Irani Aghazadeh Part 15

In this short clip, "Hajreza" played by Amin Tarakh blames "Haj Hassan" played by Jamshid Hashempour, from which political interpretations have been made. "Hajreza" says in this section: Let my...

Film Irani Duet

The Iranian film Duet is an acceptable work for a filmmaker's first experience, with all the flaws in his script. In the face of the work, we can understand that...
part 40

Serial Irani del part 40

Simultaneously with the airing of the final episodes of the series Del, a new song by Ali Lohrasbi was unveiled for this series. Ali Lohrasbi released a part of his...
part 13

Serial Irani Aghazadeh Part 13

Amin Tarakh, who has acted in the series "Aghazadeh", considers the attractive script and good direction as the reasons for the success of this series. "A series that is watched...

Notturno 2020 Documentary Movie

After the worldwide success of Seefeuer (2016), Rosi announced the shooting of his sixth documentary feature film in February 2018. For Notturno he was inspired by the encounters with refugees...

LUCIFER Series Season 5 Crime and Fantasy TV Series

A TV series in the urban fiction and fantasy genre produced in the United States, created by "Tom Capinos" and its global broadcast by Fox Company on January 25,...