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Serial Irani del part 39


We are gradually approaching the last episode of the series “Del” and although the end of the story can be guessed from now on, but Manouchehr Hadi, the director of the series “Del” has confused his fans a bit by posting a picture on his Instagram.

In the series Del Manouchehr Hadi, he portrays a luxurious and almost unattainable life for many Iranians, in which, as usual, two sisters always enter into a hidden battle over a love affair.

Among the interesting points about this series is the role of old actors of cinema and television, including Saeed Rad and Afsaneh Baygan.

Previously, well-known cinema critic Massoud Frost called this series a tragedy, and Houshang Golmakani, a well-known Iranian director and editor of Film Magazine, criticized the slow pace of the heart story as well as the unrealistic appearance of its actors (men always in ties and women always in makeup). In response to this criticism, Ms. Afsaneh Baygan said that this process was the director’s heartfelt desire and that we had no role in it, although Ms. Baygan herself acknowledged that the story was slow.

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Bay Yanlis Romantic Comedy Television Series


Ozgur is a boy of about thirty who has lost faith in girls and love and is looking for a day-to-day relationship. Just like his name, he has a free spirit and does not always seek excitement and restraint.

Educated, rich, handsome, and his choices are always from the region. Manages a famous restaurant in Istanbul.

On the other hand, Ezgi is a beautiful, simple and intimate girl, about thirty years old, who likes to have a simple life without glamor and has her own business.

Azgi grew up in a small town and came to Istanbul for university and never returned.

He tries to help everyone around him and is a supporter of honesty. In his choices, he moves with his emotions more than logic.

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Serial Irani Aghazadeh Part 11


Among the home theater network series that are being distributed these days, Aghazadeh can also be among the bestsellers who have a lot of fans.

The filming of Aghazadeh series ended with the design, writing and production of Hamed Angha and directed by Behrang Tofighi. Aghazadeh, who was released in the summer of 1998, finally came to the end of his recording after suffering various ups and downs due to the corona outbreak.

In addition to different neighborhoods in the north, south, east and west of Tehran, this series was filmed in 211 sessions in Lavasan Oshan, Karaj, north and Mashhad.

Angha’s last joint collaboration with Tawfiqi was the first series that stopped filming with the outbreak of Corona, and after a few months of hiatus, it aired again in Tehran on May 20.

With the continuation of the work, the series could have ended sooner than this, but the strict observance of the health protocols slowed down the production speed and more sessions were spent on making “Aghazadeh”.

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Serial Irani Aghazadeh Part 12


Prior to the distribution of Aghazadeh, the most popular series in Namava belonged to the series “Homogeneh”, which “Aghazadeh” was able to replace.

The entire physical version of the first episode of “Aghazdeh” was sold out on the first day of broadcasting.

An examination of the online viewing rate of “Aghazadeh” on the Filimo distribution system shows that the series has surpassed previous records in the first four days by a very significant distance.

Behrang Tofighi’s latest online watch statistics until 12pm on Wednesday on the Filimo platform are 25 million 861 thousand 865 minutes, which is a new record in watching online series on the home theater network with a difference of several million minutes compared to previous statistics. O watch it shows by the audience.

The distribution of the physical version of the most popular series of the home theater network in the first 4 days of its release ended 24 hours after the distribution, which is another record set by “Aghazadeh”.

Another point of distinction is “Aghazadeh”, which holds a record beyond all previous records in the field of home serials.

Having the longest first episode in between, without the parts of what happened and what you will see, while the titration was also broadcast on the images of the series.

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Serial Irani Aghazadeh Part 10


The prominent cinema actor, in the role of Haj Hassan, joined the “Aghazadeh” home theater network to experience the second series of his career.

Jamshid Hashempour, a 75-year-old actor in Iranian cinema who has recorded more than 100 roles in his artistic career, is the latest actor whose presence in the series “Aghazadeh” has been confirmed.

“Aghazadeh”, designed, written and produced by Hamed Angha and directed by Behrang Tofighi, is Hashempour’s second serial experience after “Shahrzad”. Mehdi Soltani, Amin Tarakh and Amin Hayaee are other actors whose presence in the series “Aghazadeh” has been confirmed so far.

The documentary “Smell of Blood”, which is a narration of the text and margin of the series “Aghazadeh” directed by Vahid Saeedi and written by Ahmad Ranjbar, will be published soon.

The documentary, which was made to decipher “Aghazadeh” references, also includes the stages of serial formation, its media coverage, the hypertext references of the work, popular conversations about Aghazadeh, and so on.

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Serial Irani del part 38


In recent episodes of the series, we saw that Rasta’s father, with the help of his friend and comrade, who was a retired police colonel, was able to reveal the secrets of the girl’s wedding night.

Eventually, with the colonel’s explanations as well as watching the atelier films, he realized that he was behind all the adventures of stealing Rasta and ruining Nakisa’s personal wedding.

He goes to Nakisa’s house at night to take revenge on his daughter. But when confronted with severe physical weakness and poor physical condition, he faints due to high stress and anxiety and can not do anything.

Nakisa’s motive for this crime was his love for Rasta and, of course, Ava’s constant and evil provocations, but it seems unlikely that even if Khosrokhan realizes these things, he will forgive Nakisa’s guilt.

Episode 38 was also full of events. This episode should actually be written as Ava.Because he either implemented all his plans or reached the threshold of finalization.

He reveals the secret relationship between Atabak and Mercede to Turan and informs him about the two.Turan goes to the head and you see Atabak with Mercede in her house, and thus she finally realizes that her husband has been betrayed for several years. And his mother.

Ava’s goal is to keep Arash away from her father (due to financial and moral corruption), secondly to keep Rasta away from Arash, and thirdly to try to turn Arash towards her after these things are figured out. Pull to reach his carpenter.

He seems to be carrying out his plans one by one. Even after these incidents, he is with Arash, he does not leave him alone.He goes to the company to play the role of a comforter and comforter.He tries to win her heart by doing this (standing next to Arash in his worst days) in order to achieve his desire for many years.

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Zanha Fereshteh And 2


zanha fereshteh and 2” is a comedy film that is far from the standards of a true comedy and has received a lot of good reviews.The movie “zanha fereshteh and 2” has started its release in cinemas a few days ago.

The film that is the second film made with this name during these years, or it is more correct to say the third film, because a film of the same name was made in 1342.A comedy film that is far from the standards of a true comedy and has received a lot of good reviews.

Criticisms that are not only specific to the content of the film but also have many technical drawbacks.The first film to be made under this name, or we must say, film number zero, directed and written by Ismail Poursaid, is a product of 1342.

This film is the story of Jamshid Kamyar, who withdraws from the company’s fund to prepare a gift for his wife Maryam’s birthday.Hormoz and Javad, Jamshid’s criminal friends, lead a group that deceives women.In order to dismantle Jamshid’s family center, they drag him to the gambling table and fraudulently steal the money he stole from the company’s safe.

zanha fereshteh and 2” was directed by Shahram Shah Hosseini in 1986.The film revolves around the betrayal and stereotypes of a rich woman and a poor man.A rich woman who loves her husband and names her exhibition and house after him, finds out about her husband’s betrayal on a trip and, with the help of a friend, uses her husband’s love for women and plots to return her wealth to her husband. Convert the previous poor.The common denominator of zanha fereshteh and 2 is the producer and the few co-actors.Hossein Farahbakhsh is the producer of both films.

zanha fereshteh and 2” is like a comedy. This film is directed by Arash Meyarian and is the continuation of the story of the first part.The film was supposed to be released on Eid al-Adha, but like all other areas that were affected by Corona, the release of this film was postponed.

The film has received rave reviews from critics.The film shows an unrealistic and critical image of women.Low-intelligence women easily tame women in the face of high-intelligence men who come out of trouble.

The script is very weak and every tool, dialogue and clich├ęd atmosphere has been used to make the audience laugh.It is true that the film has well-known actors such as Mohammad Reza Sharifinia, Sahar Qureshi, Mirtaher Mazlumi, Ali Sadeghi, Nasrin Moghanloo, Sirus Hemmati and Mohtaj Nojomi, but many believe that this film would not have been made.

The synopsis of the film states that several couples in different age groups in 2020 are looking to define twenty of their lives unaware that they are suffering severely from mental conflicts.

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