Onward (2020) Adventure Animation


Onward animation takes place in a new world that is not adapted from any specific source.A world full of magic, but a magic that has been forgotten for years with the advent and advancement of technology.


Hence, there is no more magic and the life of the creatures in this world is very similar to the real world.Properly, the world on display is made specifically for this animation.

As a result, the story does not take place in any of Pixar’s other worlds.The story begins with the 16th birthday of a teenage elf named Ian Lightfoot.

In high school, he had a problem with self-confidence and was trying to follow in his father’s footsteps.Ian’s father died shortly after he was born and he has no memory of his father.

So he spent his whole life with his brother Barley and his mother.Barley is his older brother and is very interested in role-playing games and history lessons.

The main story begins when their mother gives a magic wand and a magic diamond to their two brothers in memory of their father.The two brothers try to magically bring their father back to the real world 24 hours a day, but only manage to bring half of their father back.

Now the two brothers have to find another diamond and return their father completely, but they have less than a day to do so.As a result, they embark on a fascinating adventure to find another Phoenix Gem.

The story of Onward is fascinating and entertaining.It has a good start from the beginning and takes the audience with it with a good upward slope, but the problem with the story is that there is no story twist and it is too simple.Simplicity and complexity make Onward animation predictable.This is a big blow to Onward and it is its main problem.

The ending of the film is also affected by this issue and does not work as well as it should, because everything is predictable.The audience, on the other hand, cannot communicate with a person with a lower torso (because Barley could not complete the spell only to return his father’s lower torso).

During the animation, the creators make several attempts to create an emotional connection with the audience.One of the reasons is the lack of a good relationship with Len and Barley’s father.

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