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Mucize Doktor Turkish Drama Series

The Miracle doctor (Mucize Doktor) is one of the newest Turkish series with an interesting story. This series is the remake of both “The Good Doctor” (American series) and “Good Doctor” (Korean series). Ali suffers from autism and Savant Syndrome.

The Miracle Doctor, a drama series about medicine, is directed by Yusuf Pirhasan, produced in Turkey, and was first aired on Turkish Fox TV in 2019; it is also a production of Mr. Yapim. Asena Bülbüloğlu is the producer of this series. It is also dubbed into Persian and is going to be aired on Gem TV. In the following, we will tell the summary of the first and the last episode of the Miracle Doctor. We will also provide the Biography and picture of the cast.

Ali was born in bilecik, a province in Turkey, and was rejected by his father due to his disease. After this, he is adopted by Doctor Adil and after that, as he promised to his brother, he finishes school with a perfect GPA, gets the first rank in the medical school, and graduates from there.

Ali suffers from autism and Savant Syndrome, meaning that he has a special talent in one or two fields but his social skills are weak. When Ali was a child, his brother died in an accident. Ali’s brother always supported him, they were so close. In this condition, Ali meets doctor Adil.

A seven years old Ali reads medical books and thanks to his ability, he memorizes all the information. He goes to medical school and graduates from there. Now with the encouragement of his childhood, doctor Adil, he is accepted as an assistant in general surgery. But everything is not this easy, especially due to his lack of social skills and also the attitude of the general surgery boss, he might not achieve his goal. However, he is so hardworking and has friends who help him along the way.



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