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Motreb(Minstrel) Iranian movie watch online

Motreb is an Iranian film written, produced and directed by Mustafa Kiaie, produced in year 2019.Like most previous works by Mustafa Kiai, the genre of movie is comedy and social.
The film also features several actors from Turkey and was shot in Istanbul in March.It is the highest grossing film of the year.

The screenplay is about an Iranian family who somehow arrives in Istanbul, Turkey.
” Motreb” script was written before Istanbul Crossroads and was supposed to take place in London, but after completing the decided text the story would continue in a country culturally close to Iran.

The story of this film is about a well-known nightclub singer, Abraham, who disappears from the scene before the climax of the revolution, but because of insufficient fame and fortune, he cannot become a Los Angeles singer.Eventually it becomes the singer of the ceremony.


According to statistics released by Cinema Ticket, “Motreb” , directed by Mustafa Kiaie, will be released in the second week and screened in 154 cinemas, topping the blockbuster’s top-grossing films with weekly sales of 3 billion 709 million tomans and 119 thousand tomans. It was the week. But “Motreb” has had less sales than its first week.

In the “Motreb” film, Parviz Parastoui starred as Abraham. You might find it interesting to see Parviz Parastoui , this good actor in Iranian cinema as a nightclub singer.

Other cast members of Motreb include Elnaz Shakredost in Beautiful, Mohsen Kiaie in Fouad, and Mehran Ahmadi in Marshall. Turkish actresses such as Asha Gul Joshukun are also featured in the film.

Mustafa Kiaei is a writer, producer and director of the best feature film. The director and screenwriter began his artistic career in 1994 and studied filmmaking.

The movie Motreb was scheduled to be released on November 8th and after the end of month zero. But due to technical problems, the film was delayed for a week.

Following the release of the popular movie poster of Motreb , the poster resembled the poster of an American movie called Dolemite Is My Name or “Dolmate Is My Name”. This resemblance has been criticized by audiences in cyberspace.

Parviz Parastui

Parviz Parastui

Parviz Parastoui (born July 9, 2008 in Chalo village) is an Iranian theater, cinema and television actor, singer and speaker. He has received a First Class Art Certificate. Parviz Parastoui is among the top Iranian actresses to receive the four Crystal Clear Simpsons.

Parviz Parastoui was born in Chalo village, Kabudarang city. His father was a farmer and emigrated to Tehran when he was 5 years old.
He spent his childhood and adolescence in a small rented house in the Cave Gate neighborhood.
He completed his elementary education at Sadeghiyeh Islamic School in Customs Alley.

Swallows bought a house near the South Terminal with savings of eleven thousand tomans.
He was interested in sports for some time and was the goalkeeper for the workers’ team. After this time he went to the Naziabad Welfare Center and began to teach theater.

Parviz Parastoui served as a secretary at Tehran’s judiciary when she was two and nine years old, but after a long time went to the theater for a passionate interest and worked there until the end.

We got to know the comedy and social actors and actresses of Motreb . The movie has just been welcomed by the audience.Have you watched a good movie?What do you think about this movie and play Parviz Parastoo?You can share your comments with me and other readers at the bottom of this page.



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