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Love And Monsters Adventure Hollywood Movie Review 2020

Love and Monsters seems like a quiet movie, but has lots of good things to say and is an entertaining movie in today’s lack of movies.

Paramount company is one of those Hollywood studios that have not shown any special interest in online screening of their movies. However, they have not shown any harsh reaction to this subject in the Corona epidemic. Recently, this company let the Love and Monster movie which was made with a 30-million-dollar budget to screen online. This was done to show their flexibility.

Joel, a boy living in a base, is the only person that is single in the base. Joel’s love dumped him before the world’s doom. But recently, Joel, via radio communication, found her in a shelter 130 kilometers away from his current one. Although Joel is a timid and clumsy boy, he decides to start a trip on the earth to reach his beloved.

The movie shows the earth is destroyed by human hands and now, due to the things they have done, the world is full of gigantic animals and insects. That is why humans are living in the dark and underground and no one can defeat these monsters (most of them eat humans as well).

The movie has an odyssey theme and Joel is supposed to have a nightmarish journey on apocalyptic earth to reach his beloved (you can also consider her an idol, as Joel literally worships her and doesn’t understand that their childhood love was for about seven years ago). He has some companies through this journey, some of them are with him to the end of the journey and some of them are just some transient characters that come in his way.

Joel in his odyssey journey has a dog as a company. Just like Joel, this dog doesn’t know where is his last owner, but he is so loyal to him and always has a T-shirt from him (his last owner) in his mouth. Both of these characters are stuck in this love-emotional journey and are going to experience evolution in this journey.



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