Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Gold Striker – Santa Rosa

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Website: cagreatamerica.com
Address: 4701 Great America Pkwy, Santa Clara, CA 95054
Phone: (408) 988-1776
130 reviews Average Rating: 4.7

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Open Time

Tuesday, 9AM to 10:15PM

Wednesday, 9AM to 10:15PM

Thursday, 9AM to 10:15PM

Friday, 9AM to 10:15PM

Saturday, 9AM to 10:15PM

Sunday, 9AM to 10:15PM

Monday, 9AM to 10:15PM. Hide open hours for the week

Gold Striker – Santa Rosa

Gold Striker – Santa Rosa

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Chase Christensen

Second best coaster at this park. Great addition back in 2013. Has a lot of quick pops of ejector airtime and has some great lateral G’s. It also has that great speed that never stops until the final break run. Some downsides are that its …

Marc W.

Best coaster in the park and my favorite wooden coaster!! First drop is insane (well the entire ride is insane but the first drop especially)! SIT IN THE BACK!!!!! Make sure not to lower your restraint all the way in order to get those sweet ejector airtime moments. Still smooth after 4 years!!


Great Coaster. Lots of airtime and laterals that make the ride seem unrelenting and out of control yet it is still smooth for a wooden coaster. Highly Recommend.

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