Bike Path to Mission Valley – San Diego

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Address: San Diego, CA 92116
5 reviews Average Rating: 4.8
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Bike Path to Mission Valley – San Diego

Bike Path to Mission Valley – San Diego

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Jesse Watson

A great hidden exercise path right near Kensington and Mission Valley. The quality is smooth and well maintained with lights and dividing paint lines. It's never too crowded but watch your downhill speed and be cautious of the brave souls …

Clint Smith

NEVER SKATEBOARD DOWN THIS PATH! Absolutely beautiful and well maintained. But there is nowhere to slow! Gnarliest skateboard fall of my life when I got to the bottom and ran out of bike path.

Quellin Sabahart

Just discovered this safe and convenient bicycle path along the 15. It is well maintained, wide, and has turnouts for passing/resting. The grade is steep. Be courteous and share as I did meet a jogger. Now if we can get a safe and convenient way aross the 8 to the otherside of Mission Valley.

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