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Serial Irani Khab Zadeh Part 3

One of the most popular series in television history was the comedy series “Coma” directed by Sirus Moghaddam. The series, which aired on Ramadan in 2007, garnered high viewers’ satisfaction and was widely praised.

The reason I’m referring to this series is that Khab Zadeh Part 3 releases a similar work and has a transcendent storyline that also uses daunting elements.

In the coma series, the story was about a doctor who was stumbling over his wife’s surgery and the ethical functions of the medical field, and the devil was trying to distract him in the form of a man.

In the series Khab Zadeh Part 3 there is also a story about a girl named Homa who wakes up after seeing a scary dream and sees things that only she can see.

On the other hand, there is a young woman who is trying to help the girls and try to free them from various social problems.

Formerly called Khab Zadeh Part 3 was a horror series, but now with the release of the series it turns out that the film had the same extravagant atmosphere as Cyrus Moghadam, which was presented to audiences a decade ago in “Coma”. .

Here, too, Satan breaks into a human being and tries to divert the path of good people and in turn support evil. But what is important about the new series is the technical and non-technical weaknesses of Cirrus’ new series, which is a complete disappointment to direct with this record.

The technical difficulties that may be encountered in the work of young filmmakers but for directors such as Cyrus Moghaddam are unexpected.

The opening of the door to a hell-like room has one of the worst possible effects even on a technical scale in Iran.

A strange sequence in which the devils and the dead appear to be burning in the fire, and the sound effects are taken from zombie-centered computer games and placed on their faces!

It is unclear what the emphasis was on portraying such a situation in the series due to the poor technical quality of the Khab Zadeh Part 3 serial special effects team.



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