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JAHAN BA MAN BERAGHS is a movie directed by Soroush Sehat, authored by Soroush Sehat, Iman Safaee, and produced by Mohammad Reza Takhteshkian in Year 2019.

JAHAN BA MAN BERAGHS , directed by Soroush Sahat as director, was first screened at the 34th Fajr International Film Festival. This movie has been released in Iranian cinemas since January.

The film tells the story: Jahangir friends are gathering for his last birthday. This situation makes them think about life and themselves.

JAHAN BA MAN BERAGHS is one of those films that once upon a time raises the urge to write in person.

A movie that accompanies you all the way to the cinema to your home. After leaving the cinema, face the cold winter weather, see the first piece of sky, the first tree, and hear the faint sound of the first bird amidst the hustle and bustle of the city, feeling how much you love life and the world with all its nonsense.

In fact, JAHAN BA MAN BERAGHS , from a glance, remembers the mood of the movie “Kendall Gardens”.
Narrated by a few old friends in the face of suffering and the most inevitable fact of life, death in the landscapes of the north of the country.

But the story of the world dancing with me is ours from today, from the moment we sit down and study this post or post in a smart tool. From our present day dilemmas, our habits and behaviors, our concerns and concerns.

It seems as though the constant sitting in the cab to write a cab has written a comprehensive and complete look at the spiritual concerns of today’s society that more beautifully confronts us with the suffering of life from the standpoint of comedy (modern philosophy approach) rather than tragedy. he does.

The tragedy is usually utopian, involving seriousness, disorder and heroism. Comedy but pragmatic, playful, regular and anti-hero. The world with me is a prime example of the comedy approach to suffering.

JAHAN BA MAN BERAGHS is a clever film that delivers humility, gentleness, and humor to people suffering from the loss of loved ones, avoiding bitter past events, death, divorce, doggie phenomenon, youthful love, fear of marriage. , The fear of loneliness, conscience, and all the psychological worries that a modern man is grappling with, passing by each other by putting a smile on the corner of the audience.

Soroush Sehhat

Soroush Sehhat was born in 1344 in Isfahan. He is an actor, writer, director and comedian of cinema and television.

Soroush Sehhat , unlike himself, who, according to Mehran Modiri, is a disordered person, but in such a way that the audience praises him from the beginning to the end for his respect for his intelligence.

Not all movie messages are included in dialogue, and behavior or symptoms can lead to different points.
There is virtually no dialogue or scene in the film without purpose. The film is full of signs that you want to see it over and over again.

The frames are cleverly closed and each can be examined in several ways, from the actor to the frame. There is no character in the film and each character has a message or concept.

There are also no characters in white or black. The characters are gray. At the same time, nothing is complicated and the spirit of simplicity dominates the film.



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