Turkish Romantic Drama Series


The series has a very good cast, amazing dialogue, good music, as well as layered characterization and good costume design.


“Akin Akinözü” and “Ebru Sahin” are the main actors of this series. This series proved to everyone that for success, the story is more important than the big letters to make a movie or series.

The story of this series is about a young boy named “Miran” whose parents have died due to a mistake made by a man, and now that man is a bloody enemy for “Miran” who seeks revenge on him! “Miran” is a serious percentage of revenge for the death of his parents.

“Miran” is like an infantryman who has been mentally and psychologically damaged by his grandmother, Aziza, since he was a child! He is like a rebellious rebel who is stuck in his grandmother’s prison. He has blindly believed the words of his grandmother (mother’s father) and has lived under her wings without knowing her true face.

He has a burnt soul that burns everything he touches! He lives to avenge what he and his family have lost because of the Shadaglu family. He has been mourning for 27 years and knows nothing but hatred, but a small cursor of love in the corner of his heart may change the course of the story.

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