Greenland Action Hollywood Movie Review 2020


Greenland is a disaster movie and full of tension. It shows human’s dark and noble aspects in a time when the end of the world is near.


Since people these days have a passion for movies about a virus or epidemic conspiracies, you can expect that a disaster movie is exactly what they want.

In a period from the 90s, disaster and survival movies along with the action star pictures ran the box office. Now, the Greenland movie similar to movies like Armageddon and Independence Day starts its journey by focusing on a smaller story than the disastrous background of the world.

This movie is not just about surviving an apocalypse or any other kind of disaster. It’s about the ups and downs of a marriage that seems to be a bad one. Also, this movie seems to have an emotional core which is an entertaining subject.

A meteor or comet named Clarke is coming toward earth, but experts have said that it will only go around our planet. After the first collision of a small piece of Clarke, an imminent apocalypse shows itself.

This collision is the true meaning of a disaster and causes the biggest mass destruction since the extinction of the dinosaurs. During the movie, it is said that Clarke is from a new solar system. So basically scientists don’t know much about it.

Nevertheless, in a movie that Gerard Butler is the main actor, the story is not so important. Due to this, the story can be summarized in these few lines. However, Gerard Butler in an action cinema that is not so loyal is a privilege itself.

Because the durability of men, especially in the action genre, is at least one or two decades. People will start to get bored seeing an action star after a while. That is exactly why for every Van Damme there is a Statham, for every Stallone a Vin Diesel, for every Schwarzenegger a Dwayne Johnson, and for every Neeson there is a Butler.

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