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Film Irani Sarkoob(The Suppression) Watch Online

Sarkoob is the first film by Reza Goran, a renowned theater director who, after directors such as Ali Rafi’i and Hamid Amjad, has also tried his hand at cinema.

This has also led to a very bitter Sarkoob of the theater, with the single location closed and the actors entering and leaving the scene and characters absent.

Film Irani Sarkoob has a feminine world, in the absence of men who in turn have influenced the lives of these women.

The personality of Parviz, the father of the quiet family, slowly emerges as puzzle pieces. But this formation does not reach a definite image.

Both due to the director’s self-inflicted ambiguity and the severely dropping information, as well as the subject itself, which could be further censored and confiscated by paying more.

Malihea (played by Baran Kowsari) is an elderly female nurse (played by Roya Afshar) who informs her children of her elderly husband’s absence for several days.

Parisa (played by Ilham Korda), Pariah (played by Sara Bahrami) and Butterfly (played by Ahmadiyya Campus) are the three daughters of the family, respectively.

The kids seem to have been ignorant of their parents for a long time; and Malihah is constantly chasing the girls for Khosrow, the only son in the family, but they shy away from answering the question.

Girls in the family, each facing a number of personal and personal problems in their lives that they find to be the result of their father’s behavior, have become black and white poles for them.

On the one hand, Parviz is a fountain of hatred and a symbol of ruin, and on the other, an idol of Khosrow and white.

It is as if the first confrontations and challenges against the Father began with the same black and white struggle.A struggle that has had a long history of dominance; a black victory.

The fact that the father was a high-ranking member of the security force and a hint that he may have been a member of the House of Representatives puts the story at a crossroads.

In particular, as mentioned, this subject has great potential for audit.

That is why the physical removal or self-destruction of Parviz goes with the same ambiguity that exists throughout the film.

Parviz’s colleague (played by Jamshid Hashempour) arrives and takes them home with him to take away the case, the device and whatever may be a former security officer; Leaves and imposes that last non-stick sequence on the film.

Sarkoob is the story of a lifetime of oppressing children who have been subject to deep despotism in a closed home environment.

Extending this notion to society can expand this notion. The tyranny that eventually led to the death of his child.

This semantic and airy theme is very reminiscent of the movie Tooth Dog (Jorgos Lantimus II), albeit with more realistic space and pay.

But why doesn’t Sarkoob reach its full potential with all its strengths?Because of the compact story and the little information that is to be given to the audience, it is overwhelmed by heavy space.

It is as if Goran deliberately intimidated the audience with his sloppy camera, dark space and heavy music and intended to cover up the possible defects.Measures that resemble the technique of praise rather than effective work.

The account of opening a lot to the whiteness of the audience has also made the story stuttering, pushing hard and creating unnecessary ambiguities.

If Goran had put his energy into the script instead of these unnecessary scenes, he would certainly have made a better first step in cinema.

But he seems to be intimidated by his subject himself, and has been fascinated with it.

The main problem with your script is the delays in delivering vital information that is deliberately kept secret, not by the characters, but by the creator of the work.

If the fairies had previously been informed of the father’s disappearance earlier, the challenges that would have arisen during the work between the sisters themselves, between the sisters and the nurse who later found out that their second wife was their father, would not have arisen.

Since the outcome of Parviz was known anyway; and why Khosrow was not alive, why is Milwaukee so late?

Because this delay was bound up for some challenges, and what if the challenges created by these two delays in getting information from the movie are gone?

A complete, independent narrative is formed when the information is presented linearly and appropriately without disturbing it. ‘

For example, some writers change the narrative first and foremost in the plot, thereby asking the audience why it happened.

Like someone running away from someone, we don’t know the reason for the escape and we follow the narrative to know this answer.

But when we find out that the person is fleeing because of the unintentional breaking of a neighbor’s glass, the story takes its final shape.

By the manipulation of time, a banal tale becomes a seemingly follow-on, but empty, narrative.

In Sarkoob, we are also a party to such deletion of information that by its timely submission we would no longer be side by side with this narrative.

Instead, Goran could move his potential subject further.

Girls who have been oppressed for a lifetime and are now being oppressed by other men.

It’s a pity that this subject has not been addressed as well as its potential.

Overall, as the first work, Goran does some of the work of making his film, but it is better to pay more attention to the text and type of narration in later works



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