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Film Irani Nargese Mast

Nargese Mast” is a complete disappointment in all areas. The script is a complete ruin in which the cinema is completely abandoned and everything that the producer likes and is not converted into a cinema format is depicted.

There is not much connection between music and tradition and modernity and so on. Such cases are formed in the writer’s mind, but what is shown in the film is a series of irrelevant and slutty sequences that have no special connection.

The dialogues of the film are so strange and full of mistakes that even the viewer who is not very familiar with Persian literature will notice some words that did not exist in ancient Iran!

The stage design is also done in the worst possible way. The use of old clothes alone can not revive old Iran.

Mehdi Pakdel, who we remember with his films “Istanbul Crossroads” and “Abu Ghraib Strait”, is the main actor in the film. Mitra Hajar, who has been very active in recent years and has the movie “I Remember You Forget” in cinemas at the same time as “Drunk Narges”, is also an actress. Veteran Iranian actor Saeed Poursamimi is also in the film. Siamak Safari, who is often known in theaters, is also present in the film.

Seyed Jalaluddin Dori, who had previously made a series entitled “Equal to the Original”. In an interview about the non-release of “Drunk Narges”, Dori said: “If I had made a film about 4 stupid films instead of art and culture professors, my film would have been released quickly! »

However, money was spent on the film and some families’ economies were turned upside down; In such an economic situation, this is a positive thing!



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