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Nabat is a film written and directed by Pegah Agrarian, and produced by Houshang Nourollahi, a year-end product of Iran.

Film Irani Nabat was first shown at the Fajr International Film Festival Market in May.

Saeed, a forty-four-year-old man who lost his wife in an accident many years ago, lives a quiet, sweet life in Tehran with his twelve-year-old daughter.With the sudden arrival of a woman in plant life, the fate of them all changes.

Film Irani Nabat was shot entirely in Tehran, and over the past few nights the band has completely taken over the nighttime sequences in front of the camera.

A house in Yousefabad was the former location for the project, and after the group’s work in this location is completed, film sequences in several other areas of Tehran will soon be in front of the camera.

Film Irani Nabat , Pegah Agrarian’s first feature film, will be prepared by agents to attend the Fajr International Film Festival.

Nabat tells the story of the life of a man named Saeed, who lives a sweet and quiet life in Tehran with his only daughter and relatives.With the arrival of a woman by the name of Roya, their lives undergo what is happening

Film Irani Nabat will be ready by the end of the technical process. Film Irani Nabat is a social family melodrama that has been critically acclaimed for depicting human and emotional family relationships.Like previous short films, Nabat has a social theme and narrates an urban tale.

Shahab Hosseini

Shahab Hosseini was born in Tehran in year 6. She is the first child of her family and has a brother and two sisters.His undergraduate degree in psychology at Tehran University left him immigrated to Canada.

Shahab Hosseini began his career with student theater and then radio talk, then appeared in a television program called Oxygen.In a number of other programs, such as Walking In The Morning, The Shadow Presented As A Presenter, Acting With The Family After The Rain.


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