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Film Irani Duet

The Iranian film Duet is an acceptable work for a filmmaker’s first experience, with all the flaws in his script.

In the face of the work, we can understand that all the members of the group have reached a common line of mind, and everything is in the service of inducing a clear atmosphere.

If we get help from the story trajectory, we must say that the film is about stirring up the past and its consequences. People who have been in a relationship for a long time.

But past events still seem unresolved to them. During this time they have thought about it so much that in a face-to-face encounter with each other, it is as if a fire falls in their past harvest and burns in their whole being.

The more they stir it, the more rebellious the flame becomes. To the extent that there may be no control over it.

Now, considering this idea of ​​the observer, we examine each element of the film, how they express this idea, and finally we come to the conclusion that the script of the work has performed poorly in terms of characterizing these people and their past.



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