Best Android TV Apps You Should Use

Best Android TV Apps

The Android operating system is no longer limited to phones and tablets, and nowadays, we see it even on smart televisions. Android TV dates back to 2014, and it was the time TV companies decided to add the Android TV operating system to their flagship TVs. Nowadays, most TV models come with this operating system which allows users to use their favorite mobile apps on their TV. However, Android TV boxes can convert any TV with an HDMI port into an Android TV. Hence, using the Android operating system has become possible for many users. In today’s article, we introduce some of the best apps that users can enjoy using on their TV. A few apps such as YouTube and Netflix come pre-installed on most TV models, but you can enhance the experience of using your smart TV with the following best apps.


Best Android TV Apps

Sling TV App


Do you like to watch your favorite channels on your TV without a satellite? If yes, Sling TV is the best choice for you. It offers Live TV channels such as sports, lifestyle, news, drama, etc. Sling TV is a free application, and it is rated as the best application for watching Live TV. The good news is that unlike many other Live TV apps, there is no need for external storage for streaming, and Sling TV uses a cloud-based DVR.

MX Player App


MX player is one of the best video players on Android. Have you ever thought of playing files on your TV but suddenly realized that the format is not supported on your TV’s default player? MX Player can help you with this. It can play various codecs and subtitle files. The app runs quickly, and it supports subtitle files. Another advantage of MX Player is that it can open files either saved on a USB drive connected to your TV or the files saved on a cloud.

Send Files to TV (SFTV) App


It might have happened to you that you wanted to play a file on your TV, but you do not have a USB drive to transfer the file. SFTV is an application that enables you to share files wirelessly. The only thing you have to do is install the app on your TV and smartphone to transfer files from your phone to the TV.

We should note that you have to connect your phone and smart TV to the same WiFi network. The advantage of this app is that it enables you to transfer files with great speed. Hence, if you are looking for an app to transfer files between your phone, tablet, or laptop to your Android TV, SFTV is the best choice.

Netflix App

Netflix App

Movie fans are familiar with Netflix, and it is usually pre-installed on most Android TVs. You need to subscribe to have access to thousands of TV movies and shows.

Solid Explorer App


We have all looked for a great file explorer for our android phone. It goes the same for our Android TV. You need to manage files on your TV. ES File Explorer was one of the best, but Solid Explorer has gained popularity after its fall, and it is considered the best file explorer for Android devices. It has a beautiful design and an easy-to-use interface. The tow-pane structure of the interface allows you to navigate through files and folders.

Another feature of the app is that it enables you to manage your Android TV’s internal storage. You can also uninstall applications installed on your TV. If you have an FTP server, you can use this app to access your files on the server if your TV has an active Internet Connection.

AirScreen App

AirScreen App

You might have wanted to share your phone screen on your Android TV. Fortunately, most of the recent Android TV models support Google Cast. It means that you can share your phone, tablet, or laptop screen wirelessly on your Android TV. Unfortunately, Apple’s AirPlay is not supported on Android TV, which can cause problems for iPhone users. But we have good news for you. You can use AirScreen to share your iPhone screen with your TV. This app lets you mirror your iPhone or iPad screen on your Android TV.

Wake On Lan


Have you ever wanted to access your files stored on your PC through your Android TV? You first need to connect your PC and TV through a LAN cable. But what happens if your computer is turned off? You will not access your files then. But there is an easy solution for that. Wake On Lan is the solution. It lets you wake your computer, NAS storage, etc., from your Android TV device with just one click. With the ability to wake up your computer or NAS storage, you can sit down, turn your stuff on in one location, and watch your stuff without extra work. The app can’t put devices back to sleep.

VLC Player App

VLC Player App

If you are interested in watching videos on your phone, you are familiar with VLC Player. VLC is the most reliable video player on Android. But there is a good reason for that. This app supports various formats, and you can also use it for playing music files. However, the user-interface is not quite set up for music; hence, you may not have a seamless experience on. VLC supports subtitles and various features needed for making the best of your video files. VLC can even easily decode videos that use the HEVC H.265 codec. Add to that the intuitive interface and the stability that VLC offers, and you’ll know just why VLC is so widely used.

This application categorized your files automatically into Video, Audio, and others. Fortunately, it is pre-installed on many Android TV boxes, such as Mi Box, but you can install it yourself if it is not installed on your model.

Aptoide App


Do you have problems finding and installing your favorite programs on your Android TV? Is the program you are looking for not available on Google Play Store? Aptoid is the answer to all your problems. Aptoid lets you access thousands of Android apps, and you can easily download your favorite apps for your Android TV. Various third-party apps are available on Aptoid, but you cannot find them on Google Play Store.

You might be worried about the integrity and safety of the apps available on Aptoid. We have to assure you that developers support the apps on Aptoid, and there is no app repackaging. Hence, if you have problems finding your apps on Google Play Store, Aptoid will undoubtedly help you.

Spotify App


If you are an Android fan, indeed, you are familiar with Spotify. Spotify is the best app for streaming music. By installing it on your Android TV, you can stream music directly from your Android TV. The free version of the app comes with ads, but you can subscribe to the ad-free version. After installing the app on your Android TV, you can log into your account to enjoy streaming music.

Google Drive App


Do you want to access your computer files on your TV? If your answer is yes, then you need to install Google Drive on your Android TV. The problem is that Google Drive is not available to download via Google Play Store, and you need to sideload the app. We should note that you need to install X-plore File Manager before installing Google Drive on your Android TV.

TV Usage


TVUsage is categorized as a parental control app. Due to the wide variety of TV channels these days, the kids might spend most of their time watching TV if left on their own. However, you can see your kids’ screen time by this easy-to-use app and set limits on their watching time. You can also restrict access to some channels that might not have suitable content for children.

Photo Gallery and Screensaver

Photo Gallery and Screensaver

Do you like to use your TV as a tool to decorate your house? If yes, you need it to show some beautiful pictures. Hence, you require some screensavers. Unfortunately, the screensavers available on smart TVs are not quite exciting, and they are straightforward. Therefore, by installing Photo Gallery and Screensaver app on your Android TV, you can enjoy beautiful pictures on your TV screen when it’s in standby mode. The good news is that you can use the photos you have in your Google Photos, Facebook, and Flickr in this app.

The Weather Network

The Weather Network

It is one of the must-have apps for your Android TV. As the name suggests, this app provides you with information about the weather condition in your local. You can also use it to get information about the weather in other locations of the world. There are several sections inside The Weather Network, including “Videos”, “Weather”, “Maps”, and more. You can go to the “Weather” section to view the current weather at your location, as well as a 36-hour and hourly forecast. The app even gives a 14-day forecast if you need to check the weather that far off.

Using this app, you can quickly glance at the weather conditions and the traffic on your route every morning before leaving for work.

Firefox App

Firefox App

Mozilla Firefox is a powerful, secure browser with many features and high speed. The new version of this browser has been released at twice the previous versions’ speed and consumes up to 30% less RAM. The popular Mozilla Firefox browser is on par with other world-class browsers such as Internet Explorer and Opera, perhaps even better in some respects, due to its high quality and performance. The ability to open all windows as Tabbed Browsing under one Firefox window and prevent pop-up ads from popping up is one of this browser’s features. High security and preventing spyware and spies from entering your system is the superior feature of this software. Firefox is a powerful internal search engine and also benefits from high-speed downloads of files from the Internet, it can categorize downloaded files and save them in a particular folder! A beautiful environment with many features such as changing the appearance and adding or removing toolbars, working with different fonts and enlarging the page, and being equipped with various themes has added to this browser’s beauty and ability.

Sideload Launcher App

Sideload Launcher App

Google Play Store for Android TV is a lighter and less stable version than the one released for smartphones. Due to this issue, some applications are not compatible with Android TV. However, this operating system can run all Android applications, which has led to the popularity of Sideload apps on Android TV.

However, there is a problem, and the TV may not display these programs on the home screen or the list of applications. The only way to access these apps is to use the settings menu. However, you can use third-party apps to show these apps all in one place and Sideload Launcher is among the best for Android TV. Sideload Launcher is the easiest to use, and you can access all the apps you installed on your Android TV.

X-plore App


File Manager is one of the essential apps for smart products, and Android TVs are no exception. There are several good file managers for Android TV, including X-plore, Total Commander, TvExplorer and AnExplorer File.

If we consider Sideload apps, X-plore is among the top Android TV applications. This application’s user interface has two windows, so you can quickly transfer APK files from an external source such as a USB to your device’s hard drive.

Plex App


If you own a collection of movies and TV series digitally, Plex is one of the best programs to run them. Plex can automatically download subtitles, metadata, ratings, etc., for your movies and series. Plex will be entirely free for you as long as you do not seek to stream your content remotely.

Kodi App

Kodi app

Kodi is an essential app that you should have on your Android TV. If you do not have digital content, Kodi is a better option than Plex. This application is equipped with many plugins that allow you to access videos, live TV, weather, news and various tools.

Blokada App


One of the annoying things is the occasional display of ads in various programs or stores. You can use Blokada to block these ads. Of course, this program will protect your system against malware and cyberattacks, and the exciting thing is that you can download this application for your Android TV for free.

CetusPlay App


With the CetusPlay application, you can connect your mobile phone to Android Box and TV and use the exciting features of this application. By linking to CetusPlay, your phone becomes a smart control with various features. Features include a Dpad Mode, a TV controller, TouchPad Mode, Mouse Mode, which turns your phone into a mouse on the TV, Numeric Keyboard, which you can use to type numbers, and one of the essential features, GamePad Mode. And you can use it in your Android box games.

Another essential feature is the Screen Capture and Play on Tv feature, where you can stream content from your phone to your TV. Download this application in two versions, Tv and Mobile, install each one on the relevant device and then connect them.



If you listen to the first-hand and pure experiences of the most successful people in the world, you must be familiar with TED. This series invites millions of its audience to listen to successful people’s speeches by holding several lectures and conferences every year. You can access thousands of lectures and seminars on the big screen of your TV using the application.

Tunnelbear App


Are you looking for a VPN on your smart TV? VPNs allow you to surf the Internet anonymously; hence you can circumvent geographical restrictions. Although the app is not yet optimized for Android TV, it works perfectly fine and looks good. Tunnelbear gives you 500 MB of data free every month, and you can buy one of their paid subscriptions to increase this limit. For basic browsing, though, 500 MB will probably suffice you. Do note that Tunnelbear will not let you download items that use P2P protocols for security and legal reasons. There are many other free VPN apps that you can use, as well, should Tunnelbear not meet your expectations.

Haystack App


Haystack TV is a smart TV program that has grown in popularity over the past few years. Their biggest claim came in 2017 when Haystack TV won the Best TV Experience Award from Google for the 2017 Google Play Awards, But this award is not without reason. The Haystack Smart TV app provides you with the latest news and lets you choose your favorite interests and sources from the list of topics. It uses the topics and resources you have chosen and then uses this information to provide daily news according to your interests. Haystack collects news information from more than 100 local and international news stations.

Twitch App


If you love watching live games, the Twitch Smart TV app is the right choice for you. Twitch is a live streaming video platform where gamers can watch live games. Watching live broadcasts may seem boring to ordinary people. However, for fans of the game, this is not only fun but also very important. Watching matches on Twitch allows gamers to learn new game tactics and new ways of playing and give them a new understanding of the different levels and difficulties of the game.

Puffin TV App


Searching the Internet has always been a smart TV weakness; on-screen controls and keyboards are never easily used on a computer. Puffin TV, a browser-enabled smart TV app, has a PC simulator browser interface with all PC features. This smart TV app syncs with your phone, allowing you to create bookmarks using QR codes and display websites on your TV.

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