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After Truth 2020 Drama Movie

The narrative of the film, unlike most of the drama stories of adolescence and youth, or the so-called “teen” is formed; The story does not take place where it is full of characters with mental and personal problems or facing their destiny and future task and many other concerns that have been narrated in this genre.

Most of them aim for personality before entering university. But in “After”, there is a general narrative from the university onwards, and it seems that the characters (originally Tessa) are from that period. Stay tuned with me and Cinema-Fars for further review.

So it so happened that the stories have passed through this particular point, and Tessa has reached adolescence from adolescence;

Although this sounds like an interesting idea and we are supposed to see different topics,But we just have to wait a while to realize the depth of the tragedy of this film at this point.

The main character of “Tessa”, it seems, is still past the stage he was supposed to be, in addition to not having passed, but he is a few steps behind! Why, when it comes to such a stage, do the concerns before this stage still arise? By the way, Tessa originally lived with her mother and childhood friend “Noah”, who is now considered her fiancĂ©, and now she has moved to another university and city.

Tessa must be aware of her own goals, and just as the film has gone through that repetitive point, for example, Tessa must have gone beyond those stereotypical decisions and maturity concerns; This is where the film fails in its first claim, and in the sequel, like Domino, it will sink into misery and worse.

In the continuation of the story, Tessa meets a boy named “Hardin” at the university by chance and the story of the film is formed and continues.

So the first question about characterization is that the actors did not see any problem in their character while reading the script? This is very surprising and strange!

We start with Hardin, who is without a doubt the worst thing about the whole film, and many of the film’s problems arise from this character and his entourage; Hardin has dealt a severely irreparable blow to the form of the film, the storytelling, the feelings and connections, the concepts of love that have been forcibly sold down our throats, and everything related to the film.



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