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The Phoenix (Zumruduanka) Drama Turkish Series Season 2


The Turkish romantic and dramatic series, phoenix (Zumruduanka in turkey), is one of the best series on Turkish Fox TV. We will demonstrate the cast and the summary of this series in the following.

Phoenix series information

The Turkish series, phoenix, is produced by Pastel Film. This series is produced by the order of Fox TV.

  • This series is in the genre of Romantic Drama
  • The director is Serhan Sahin
  • The screenwriters are Can Sinan (1-9 episodes), Eylem Canpolat (10- episodes)
  • The filming location is the city of Cappadocia

The summary of the phoenix series

Zumrut (Ceren Yilmaz) is a young and beautiful girl who lives with her mom Ulfet (Hatice Aslan), her sister (Miray Akay), and her father. She works in a factory and financially supports her family. The factory belongs to the powerful family of Demirkan who is a known family in Cappadocia. The heir of the Demirkan family is a handsome and young boy named Serhat (Alp Navruz), who loves Zumrut. Serhat and Zumrut secretly date each other and hope they can get married after Serhat is discharged from military service.

Serhat’s Death and bad luck for Zumrut

Zumrut tends to wait for her beloved but when she finds out about the death of Serhat during duty, her marriage plan is destroyed. Both Zumrut and Demirkan family, mourn for Serhat’s death. One year later, Zumrut’s fate once again meets with the Demirkan family. This time, Serhat’s uncle (Adil) wants Zumrut. Adil is a middle-aged man working as the CEO of the factory that Zumrut works in. Her beauty and thinking character caught his eyes and He has finally found someone he wants to marry, but whatever he does, he can’t win Zumrut’s heart. Zumrut will not accept to marry him and it doesn’t matter that he is from a rich family. She can’t explain that she was going to marry Serhat. She still loves Serhat and after his death, she is still mourning for him. That is why she doesn’t accept his proposal. However, Zumrut’s mother finds out that Adil loves her daughter.

Zumrut and Adil marriage

Ulfet is a passionate woman that wants to get rid of poverty. Therefore she wants her daughter to marry a rich man and when she finds out about Adil’s love for her daughter, she does whatever she can to convince Zumrut to accept Adil’s proposal. Ulfet tries every possible way to convince her.

Finally, she works with her little daughter, Meliha, and makes a plan. According to their plan, if Zumrut doesn’t accept to marry Adil, Meliha will be forced to marry him. In this plan, Meliha says if she is forced into marriage, she will do suicide. So, Zumrut accepts to marry Adil, to save her sister.

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The sequel to “Train to Busan” with the same style as the last part, has hit the theater after 4 years.

A movie that is close to our today’s living conditions. At the beginning of apocalyptic and science-fiction movies, the audience was taken to an unknown world. Perhaps, back then, it was enjoyable to watch this strangeness. However, with the outbreak of the Corona Virus, and its epidemic, the apocalypse seems a close concept.

You might have experienced getting out of the way when somebody coughs in the subway or street. Thanks to this new Virus, we all fear each other. A fear that remembers us apocalyptic movies, especially ones about zombies.

Zombies became famous with George Romero. We can consider Romero as their spiritual father. Monsters without tongue that often move in groups and without leader from the dead world to the living. The root of these monsters whose power is in their numbers goes back to a village near the Caribbean Sea.

A journalist who had heard words about a clan that was called the living dead, William Seabrook, went to Haiti in 1928 to see if it’s true. The result of his investigation was shocking. Perhaps the myth of the dead raised from the grave was not real, but Seabrook faced people who could have scared anyone. The people who would work without talking. Their distinctive feature was the eyes that were out of the body, like dead people who were staring a place far away. “Zombie is a symbol of fear and misery of Haiti people” Seabrook stated.

Zombies are nothing but poor, normal, insane, and idiot human that have to work hard on farms. In reality, zombies are not dead but are tainted by poison. Seabrook investigation became the start of a subgenre that gave clear reference to the human condition in the apocalypse.

Later in Romero movies, when these monsters came to malls and entertainment centers, this Ironic subgenre clearly showed itself. Zombies who came out of the capitalist system would destroy anything in front of them.

The human that was bitten in a moment of negligence, turned into another zombie, and became enemies. Humans moved toward the promised land in this apocalyptic condition which was Peninsula in the movie. It was a ship that was supposed to move a truck, loaded with money, out of the mess.

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Sputnik Sci-fi Netflix Movie 2020


Sputnik is a science-fiction horror movie that leaves you with lots of questions and ends with a vague conclusion.

The Sputnik story is about a spaceship accident that only has one survivor. The spaceship comes back to earth, but soon it is recognized that a dangerous creature is hidden in his body. In this condition, a psychologist at risk of dismissal must enter a dangerous investigation to save his career and the astronaut’s life.

In the time when horror movies are trying to become similar to 80s American movies, Sputnik shows himself as a unique project. it tries to introduce himself as a prospective movie and at the same time, looks like 80s movies.

There is an interesting moment in the movie that provides a factor for Sputnik to enter into the list of distinctive science-fiction movies. This moment is as follows: the movie maker, after showing the alien, screens the gaps between the coexistence relations of the creature and his human host.

These kinds of scenes could have turned sputnik into a thoughtful and maybe innovative science-fiction movie. But instead, the Russian film-maker tries to provide an 80s monster movie and Hollywood style.

Sputnik’s entrance to science-fiction movies is noteworthy and interesting. The alien in this movie is one of the interesting parts of this genre. The perfect design of this creature, remembers the classic Hollywood monsters such as Xenomorph. This monster has bones and is transparent and also has lots of eyes to communicate with the modern audience.

Scenes of this alien crawling in the base and his attacks are some of the good scenes of this movie. In truth, whenever Sputnik screens his monster and direct interaction with him, it is in his best condition. However, when it comes to other characters and their vague relationships, due to the numerous gaps in the screenplay, it becomes so boring and tiresome.

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Nicolas Cage to Return to his Prime with the Science-fiction Movie “Jiu-Jitsu”


At last Nicolas Cage rejected playing roles in boring movies. In Jiu-Jitsu movie, a science fiction movie, Cage plays the role of a man that teams up with a martial artist. They try to fight an alien that comes to earth once every six years.

According to the Hollywood reporter, “Jiu-Jitsu” will be written and directed by Dimitri Logothetis. His other works include the sequels to “Kickboxer”, which are good movies. Alain Moussi, actor and stuntman, plays the role of a fighter who knows martial art and is going to fight an alien, known as Brax, that comes to earth once every six years. Cage plays the role of the man who will join him in this fight. It is surely a little disappointing that Cage is not playing the fighter, But, after his other movies, this role seems quite suitable for him.

“Jake McCall” is a combat vet who now works as an assistant wrestling coach for a small college whose major claim is its wrestling team. He has a caring and beautiful wife with a 5 years old son and lives in town with peace. However, this is only what Jake believes. Sometime before, floating particles, originating from space, started forming in human minds and altered their memories.

It’s been this way for more than a century and has turned into a game that its players can only know each other at certain times. Jake McCall is the core of resistance against this condition. However, he doesn’t know anything about it. Aliens stole him and planted their fake memories in him and the only thing they stole is his martial art in Jiu-Jitsu, the only thing that could save the world.

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Love And Monsters Adventure Hollywood Movie Review 2020


Love and Monsters seems like a quiet movie, but has lots of good things to say and is an entertaining movie in today’s lack of movies.

Paramount company is one of those Hollywood studios that have not shown any special interest in online screening of their movies. However, they have not shown any harsh reaction to this subject in the Corona epidemic. Recently, this company let the Love and Monster movie which was made with a 30-million-dollar budget to screen online. This was done to show their flexibility.

Joel, a boy living in a base, is the only person that is single in the base. Joel’s love dumped him before the world’s doom. But recently, Joel, via radio communication, found her in a shelter 130 kilometers away from his current one. Although Joel is a timid and clumsy boy, he decides to start a trip on the earth to reach his beloved.

The movie shows the earth is destroyed by human hands and now, due to the things they have done, the world is full of gigantic animals and insects. That is why humans are living in the dark and underground and no one can defeat these monsters (most of them eat humans as well).

The movie has an odyssey theme and Joel is supposed to have a nightmarish journey on apocalyptic earth to reach his beloved (you can also consider her an idol, as Joel literally worships her and doesn’t understand that their childhood love was for about seven years ago). He has some companies through this journey, some of them are with him to the end of the journey and some of them are just some transient characters that come in his way.

Joel in his odyssey journey has a dog as a company. Just like Joel, this dog doesn’t know where is his last owner, but he is so loyal to him and always has a T-shirt from him (his last owner) in his mouth. Both of these characters are stuck in this love-emotional journey and are going to experience evolution in this journey.

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Greenland Action Hollywood Movie Review 2020


Greenland is a disaster movie and full of tension. It shows human’s dark and noble aspects in a time when the end of the world is near.

Since people these days have a passion for movies about a virus or epidemic conspiracies, you can expect that a disaster movie is exactly what they want.

In a period from the 90s, disaster and survival movies along with the action star pictures ran the box office. Now, the Greenland movie similar to movies like Armageddon and Independence Day starts its journey by focusing on a smaller story than the disastrous background of the world.

This movie is not just about surviving an apocalypse or any other kind of disaster. It’s about the ups and downs of a marriage that seems to be a bad one. Also, this movie seems to have an emotional core which is an entertaining subject.

A meteor or comet named Clarke is coming toward earth, but experts have said that it will only go around our planet. After the first collision of a small piece of Clarke, an imminent apocalypse shows itself.

This collision is the true meaning of a disaster and causes the biggest mass destruction since the extinction of the dinosaurs. During the movie, it is said that Clarke is from a new solar system. So basically scientists don’t know much about it.

Nevertheless, in a movie that Gerard Butler is the main actor, the story is not so important. Due to this, the story can be summarized in these few lines. However, Gerard Butler in an action cinema that is not so loyal is a privilege itself.

Because the durability of men, especially in the action genre, is at least one or two decades. People will start to get bored seeing an action star after a while. That is exactly why for every Van Damme there is a Statham, for every Stallone a Vin Diesel, for every Schwarzenegger a Dwayne Johnson, and for every Neeson there is a Butler.

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Mucize Doktor Turkish Drama Series


The Miracle doctor (Mucize Doktor) is one of the newest Turkish series with an interesting story. This series is the remake of both “The Good Doctor” (American series) and “Good Doctor” (Korean series). Ali suffers from autism and Savant Syndrome.

The Miracle Doctor, a drama series about medicine, is directed by Yusuf Pirhasan, produced in Turkey, and was first aired on Turkish Fox TV in 2019; it is also a production of Mr. Yapim. Asena Bülbüloğlu is the producer of this series. It is also dubbed into Persian and is going to be aired on Gem TV. In the following, we will tell the summary of the first and the last episode of the Miracle Doctor. We will also provide the Biography and picture of the cast.

Ali was born in bilecik, a province in Turkey, and was rejected by his father due to his disease. After this, he is adopted by Doctor Adil and after that, as he promised to his brother, he finishes school with a perfect GPA, gets the first rank in the medical school, and graduates from there.

Ali suffers from autism and Savant Syndrome, meaning that he has a special talent in one or two fields but his social skills are weak. When Ali was a child, his brother died in an accident. Ali’s brother always supported him, they were so close. In this condition, Ali meets doctor Adil.

A seven years old Ali reads medical books and thanks to his ability, he memorizes all the information. He goes to medical school and graduates from there. Now with the encouragement of his childhood, doctor Adil, he is accepted as an assistant in general surgery. But everything is not this easy, especially due to his lack of social skills and also the attitude of the general surgery boss, he might not achieve his goal. However, he is so hardworking and has friends who help him along the way.

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Antebellum Horror Movie Review 2020


Antebellum follows the story of Veronica Henley, a successful author. On the night that Veronica’s ex-husband leaves, she finds herself in a complex and terrifying truth. She needs to find a solution to get out of it as fast as possible.

Antebellum is the first cinematic movie of Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz that was released on streaming services due to the Corona epidemic.

The movie is about a woman, Veronica Henley (played by Janelle Monáe), an author and a sociologist that goes to Louisiana to attend a press conference. After the press, Veronica decides to go to a restaurant with her friends. On her way back, she takes a wrong Uber and is abducted by some white people, and is taken to an entertainment place that is a US civil war memorial. Now she is trying to escape the area controlled by racists and lunatics.

Antebellum roots are in retelling the racial hatred and tries to make a connection between two periods of time. Audiences at first think this is a horrifying story in the 19th century during the American civil war, but suddenly they experience a trip to the present time. While audiences are attracted to the primary atmosphere of the movie, they assume all the tensions are stories born in the mind of an author.

The movie has a neutral look at Veronica’s life. An active author and sociologist who tries to change white’s look in black people. In Antebellum as well as “Get Out” movie, positive and good characters are rarely white. All the white people in this movie are weird and bad. However, Veronica cannot stand white people as well.

From the woman who gives stretching exercises to Veronica, to the hotel secretary who insults her. White people in Antebellum do not have a clear shot and it’s the black people who take control of the scenes. This is seen in the Get Out movie, However Peele’s idea was not accepted by some of the audiences.

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Best Free Live TV Apps for Android and iOS


We all need entertainment, and television has long been one of the best choices. However, it might have happened to all of us that we are not at home, and our favorite program is on the air. We do not like missing our favorite programs, and the good news is that there is no need to miss any program because there are many apps that allow you to watch your favorite shows anywhere free of cost. In today’s article, we will introduce some of the best free live TV apps for both Android and iOS. If you are an android user, you need to download the app and install it on your phone. However, if you want to watch TV on your iOS device, you need to download the apps from Apple Store due to security purposes.

We should note that most of these apps are using third-party servers to play TV and movies. Anyway, all these apps enable you to watch your desired content wherever you are on your mobile phone. The good news is that they allow you to watch previous episodes of your favorite programs along with live TV. Most of these apps require a subscription, but the ones introduced in this article are all free, and you only need an active internet connection to enjoy them.

The Best Free Live TV Apps



Hulu is among the top-rated streaming apps, and it gives you access to the most recent and popular movies and TV shows all around the world. It includes more than 300 channels, and you can watch any program, including cartoons, documentaries, and sci-fi movies. Hulu comes with no ads or pop-up windows so that you can enjoy it without any obstacles.

The free version of the app can fit your needs; however, you can subscribe to it to access more channels and features. The cheapest subscription plan starts from $7 a month.

Mobdro TV App

Mobdro TV App

Mobdro App is another excellent TV app you can use on your Android or iOS device. Undoubtedly, you will fall in love with this app after first use. It is not only for Live TV streaming, and you can use it to download your favorite movies. The app regularly updates so you can find new TV shows on the go. This application provides more than 200 channels and supports both Android and iOS.

One of Mobdro App’s best features is that it can help language learners by providing movies and TV shows in several languages. It also has categories to allow you to choose your favorite genres, and this way, it makes sure you always have something interesting to watch on the go.

Live Net TV APP


You might have heart the name Live Net TV if you are interested in watching TV on your mobile device. The Live Net TV delivers live TV features even amidst massive traffic by making alternative links. It has a wonderful interface and offers a great user experience. The app provides a live scheduling feature using which you can set alerts for your shows. The app has a favorite tab to save your desired movies and shows. You can use your favorite player to watch your content, and there is no need to be limited by the player of the app. However, the app’s player has a wide variety of features that would suit your needs.

JioTV-Live TV & Catch-Up

JioTV-Live TV

This is another app that enables you to watch Live TV, and by installing it, you can watch all your facvorite channels on your mobile phone. It opens the path for more than 600 channels all over the world. You can also watch programs in many languages such as English, French, Russian, and Portuguese. This app saves the episodes of the last programs for one week, so you can also watch the episodes you have missed.

Another advantage of this app over other Live TV streaming apps is that it allows you to choose your favorite genre and shows rating, duration, and user comments. You can also stop the streaming of channels to make yourself a tea or something. There is even an ability to record and save shows to rewatch it later.

MX Player APP


MX Player works on Times Network and offers exclusive content to its users. The free TV streaming app has a vast library of movies, TV series, Web series, and all types of video content. MX Player also has its own 20 original shows in more than seven different languages. It also allows you to choose the quality and speed of the movies. You can also add subtitles. MX Player suggests some local content based on your geographical location. Chinese, Indian, and Korean movies are also available on this free platform. If you are looking for unique content that you cannot find on other media, MX Player is a good choice.



Sony Corporation delivers this app, and it features ads in the free version. The ad-free version comes with a subscription fee. It also allows you to watch TV in different languages. You can gain access to more than 800 channels, including cartoons and educational ones. It has an embedded tool that enables you to download your favorite Live programs to rewatch them later. Sony has delivered this app to be used on Bravia TV, but you can also use it on all iOS, Android, Firestick and Android TV devices.



The app has a very vast collection of TV series, movies, and radio. You have access to content from around 5000 channels from different countries. Thousands of movie content and radio will keep you from being bored. ThopTV may be the last IPTV app that you need. The app maintains its best user experience with regular updates.

Sling TV APP


Sting TV comes with a motto: Stop paying too much for TV! The developers believe that you will not need any TV at your home by downloading Sling because you have a TV in your pocket. The free version comes with ads, but if you want a seamless user experience, you can move to a subscribed version that starts with $20 a month. Many users ignore this app due to the unimpressive number of channels. You can only watch 20-30 channels on this app. But it would be best if you kept in mind that the channels are widespread and varied. This app includes various types of programs, from sport and educational channels for children to reality plays and movies. You can also save videos on your mobile to watch it again later on, even if you’re offline.



Just like the others, TV Tap also provides you with channels from all over the world. However, the number of channels might seem too little compared to some others. But the TV Tap app offers you continuous service without any interruptions.

There are a decent number of categories and genres to choose from. Besides, these filter options make your searches easier. Moreover, it does not even ask for registration; install and start watching your favorite shows.

Exodus Live TV APP


Exodus Live TV is another app in our list of the best free Live TV apps. It has a great user-interface and provides a perfect user experience. There are ads in the free version of the app; you need to buy the paid version to eliminate the ads. The app is sure to remain on your phone for a long time.

TVPlayer APP

TVPlayer APP

TVPlayer, also known as TVP, allows you to watch more than 80 channels for free. By changing to the premium version, you can have access to more channels. The monthly subscription fee is ten dollars. Premium version also allows you to download your favorite programs. It is possible to add subtitles and even change languages in TVP.

NewsOn APP


Are you interested in world news? Streaming is not always just for entertainment. The NewsON app provides hundreds of local and national news streams.

NewsOn can stream live TV and on-demand news broadcasts from over 275 local news affiliates in 160 markets. The broadcasts are available for up to 48 hours after they air, so even if you do not catch the news as it happens, you can catch up later.

Users can then select which news segments they want to watch from categories like sports, weather, or entertainment. NewsON is compatible with iOS and Android phones and tablets and Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

Crackle APP

Crackle APK

Crackle is supported by Sony Corporation and allows you to enjoy your favorite TV programs anywhere you wish. It does not even require registration, and you can enjoy your programs just by installing the app on your Android or iOS device. Crackle also saves the list of channels you watched and suggests some new channels and programs based on the history. Another great thing about this application is it does not contain any ads in general. However, some individual videos may include ads themselves.

All the content you see in this app has high-quality sound and video. By the way, the quality will still depend on the quality of the Internet connection you have. The variety of movies and shows in this app is also massive to find everything from cartoons to trillers and drama movies. The searching options in this app are also great, and there are lots of filters you can use to find something to watch.

eDoctor IPTV APP

eDoctor IPTV APP

Are you interested in watching Asian drama shows? If yes, then this is the best choice for you. It is one of the most trusted live TV streaming apps, which are entirely free. The app also features radio stations, and you can listen to the radio while you are outside. The app hosts channels from the UK, US, Europe, and Asian Countries, etc.



It is a free live streaming program with more than 1000 live channels from more than 10 different countries. The good news is that you can integrate RedBox TV with different players such as android player, MX player, 321 player, and Web Player. RedBox TV is easy to use. Just select your favourite channel and choose the media player and enjoy watching. The app offers sports channels, entertainment channels, science channels, Kids channels, etc., from Indian, Pakistani, Malaysian, and German TV.

Hotstar APP

Hotstar APP

Hotstar is another live TV app that enables you to watch your favorite channels right on your device. It covers a wide variety of media all over the world. This app is one of the biggest platforms in that category, including content in almost twenty different languages. Besides, this app offers you to watch popular, well-known programs and movies and some local channels from India and China.

The app enables you to put some channels on the stop and do your business to come back and continue your watching later. Moreover, the app stores the recordings of all the channels for a week after they go live so you will never miss an episode of the shows you like the most. You can even save some programs on your mobile or in some cloud service.

Airtel TV APP

Airtel TV APP

Airtel TV is a streaming app with sections dedicated to watching Live TV. You can only use this app if you are an Airtel SIM user. Up to 5 users can log into the application with one account. The app has several Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood, and other Indian regional cinemas. The Airtel TV App has all major channels from Sony Network, Zee Network, Network 18, and all the FTA channels from India. One of the best features of this application is that it allows you to create a personal watchlist for yourself to plan for the programs you will watch during the day. You can also pause the program to resume watching it later.

Plex Live TV APP


You might face some problems if you are new to Plex Live TV because it is difficult to configure on first use; however, the efforts are worthy since it gives access to more than 80 channels. You can record your favorite programs, and it supports Chromecast. It comes with one month trial, and you can enjoy the premium version with a monthly subscription fee of $4.99.

TVCatchup APP

TVCatchup APP

This app is developed mainly for users interested in UK channels. You can watch BBC, Channel 4, ITV, and various other channels in TVCatchup for free. The free version comes with ads, and you do not need to subscribe to watch Live TV on this app.



AOS TV is a free app for Live TV streaming, and it gives access to more than 1000 channels. It is one of the apps that enables you to watch Live TV channels worldwide, including the UK, the US, India. Australia, etc.

AOS TV’s best feature is its easy-to-use interface, allowing even the elderly to use their cellphones to watch TV. Currently, this app is only available for Android devices.

YouTube TV APP

YouTube TV APP

YouTube TV is only available to users in the US. You can watch ABC, CBS, The CW, Fox, NBC, and other channels. The service offers Cloud DVR without DVR storage space limits, so you do not need to worry about your device storage. You need an account to use YoutTube TV, and you can watch more than 60 channels on your phone.



Do you want to watch some programs on the US and Canada TV on your mobile phone? If yes, OLA TV is the best choice since it streams channels for the USA, Italy, Spain, and Germany. The channels are categorized into several genres such as general, children, news, movies, music, movies, and more.

The app’s only drawback is that it comes with several ads, and it is not well-designed. OLA TV is only for android users, and it is compatible with all devices with Android version 4.1 or above.

Philo TV APP


Philo is not well-known among free Live TV apps, but it is gaining popularity due to its unique features. If you are interested in sports channels, Philo is not for you because it does not stream sports channels. Philo offers some great channels to streams, such as Hallmark Channel, Animal Planet, Food Channel, and the list goes on. Philo is compatible with Roku, Amazon Fire Tv, Android Tv.

You need to create an account to use the app, and it gives you seven days of trial, and the monthly subscription fee starts at $20. You can also download your favorite programs to rewatch them later.

Final Words

As the above list shows, you can gain access to TV channels by just installing one of the apps to enjoy your favorite programs when you are not at home. All you need is an Android or iOS device and an active Internet connection.

Legal Notice

We (fullmovieme.com) are strictly against any type content piracy, and we request and warn our readers to avoid it by all means. Watching Copyrighted material is against the law. Whenever we mention free streaming on our site, it means we are referring to contents that are freely available and doesn’t break any law.

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Best APKs For Free Movies & TV Shows


You might be one of the movie fans, and you like to use your mobile phone to watch free movies and TV shows. There are various apps available for free movie streaming. However, some need registration, and you have to pay the subscription fee. We will introduce some of the best APKs for free movies and TV shows in today’s article.

Cinema APK


Cinema APK is an application that is becoming popular among movie enthusiasts. It has been released not long ago but has gained a lot of attention in this short period. It has a complete list of movies and TV shows, and the app runs extremely fast on any device such as phones or tablets. The good news is that Cinema APK integrates with real-debrid and trakt.tv and creates a perfect user experience.

The list of programs in this app is endless, and you can find any movie or TV show you wish with a simple search. Another best feature of Cinema APK is that it allows you to choose the streaming quality based on your Internet connection, and most of the shows are available in 1080p HD.

Kodi APK

Kodi app

In speaking of the apps for free movies and TV shows, Kodi is among the first ones that come into mind. This is not considered an APK since you need to install another add-on to use its free content. It is easy to install the application, and just with a simple search in the Google Play store, you can add Kodi to the list of your apps on your phone. Another simple web search will guide you through the add-ons required to enjoy the free content. The good news for Fire TV/Stick owners is that they can install Kodi on their device.

Syncler APK


Syncler is among the top APKs for a free movie and TV shows. Syncler is similar to Kodi or Stremio in that you must install outside providers/add-ons to access the content. The best feature of Syncler is that it does not require registration. You need Real-Debrid for using this application, but the number of quality links it provides will amaze you.

Stremio APK


Unlike the previous apps mentioned above, Stremio requires signing up for service. However, the registration is just an ordinary step to enable you to use the application and enter some random information. There is not such a thing as identity verification.

Due to registration, the content you have watched will be accessible on all of your devices. Stremio also comes with several add-ons that you can install for various items such as movies, TV shows, etc. The torrent add-on is the best to install along with Stremio to enable you to use the torrent content. You might have problems using torrent content, so make sure you connect the app with your VPN enabled.



As a new app in the streaming world, Viva has gained great popularity among users. Viva TV enjoys the advantage of streaming millions of movies and TV shows in HD and 4K qualities. Real-debrid and trakt capabilities are both available, as well as subtitles, external player, and more. The unique user interface of this app also adds to its popularity. If you have access to unlimited bandwidth, Viva TV is the best choice to satisfy all your streaming needs.

CatMouse APK


Most of the streaming apps come with tons of ads, which can have a bad effect on user satisfaction. CatMouse APK is among the few applications which provide many features without ads. CatMouse has the same interface and features as Terrarium but with updated content for your viewing experience. Real-Debrid and Trakt are available, which will help you get the most out of this app. The main user database of CatMouse APK is the people who were interested in Terrarium. We are sure that if you use CatMouse APK, you will fall in love with it and won’t think about installing any other application for watching movies and TV shows on your phone.



In terms of background, Nova TV is among the recent APKs. It offers thousands of high-quality videos to watch, and it is another subcategory of Terrarium TV. This app works incredibly well when integrating MX Player, as their default media player is not the best. It’s also straightforward to integrate both Real-Debrid and Trakt within Nova TV, making this app great. The good news is that you can integrate it with streaming devices such as Firestick, Fire TV, and Android TV boxes.

FilmPlus APK


This is another APK that is regarded as a subcategory of FilmPlus and comes with various new features. You can enjoy all the benefits of this APK if you integrate it with real-debrid. Users will notice a similar interface with popular categories to choose from. It is also possible to integrate a trakt account for a personalized streaming experience. Exo is the default player for FilmPlus, but it is also possible to install MX Player to reduce the buffering.

Strix APK


Strix is considered a new APK that is recently announced, and it works perfectly. This app brings in links extremely fast and is even quicker when integrated with real-debrid. Aside from TV Shows and Movies, Strix users will also find Live options for streaming. One thing of note with Strix is the number of ads within the app. While these are plentiful, the app plays content buffer-free for a fabulous viewing experience.

Movie Anywhere APK

Movie Anywhere APK

Movie Anywhere provides many movies in HD quality. You can also read the description of each movie and the trailer, which helps you choose your favorite movies easier. You can choose from the various server links which the app provides. Movie Anywhere also contains movies that are from paid apps such as Netflix. It also weekly features the best movies that refresh to choose and watch the latest movies that have the best ratings.

ZiniTevi APK


If you are looking for an APK that has recently surprised its users with various features, ZiniTevi would be the best choice for you. ZiniTevi enjoys the best user-interface among all APK TV applications, and people of all ages can use it due to the one-click play feature. It also integrates well with other streaming devices, and all users of iOS and Android can get this APK for free.

Snagfilms APK

Snagfilms APK

Snagfilms lets you enjoy indie films using your android device. Featured movies and series of this app revolve around various topics such as climate change & the environment, refugee& immigrant stories, athletes & their triumphs, and veterans& the military. SnagFilms also offers award-winning content as well as other movie genres that might spark your interest.

Typhoon TV APK


It is another APK taken from Terrarium TV. You can access millions of links with the highest quality. You can use this APK to have the best experience in watching their favorite programs. The good news about Typhoon TV is that this APK comes with no ads when writing this article. Typhoon works perfectly on all devices, including Android TV Boxes and Amazon Firesticks. Use the link below to install Typhoon TV on your preferred device.

UnlockMyTV APK


This can be considered a close imitation of CinemaHD with a better and faster interface. Like the previous APK, it does not show any ads, making it one of the best streaming APKs to watch free movies and series. The links provided in this APK are better than CinemaHD. The other advantage of this APK compared to the ones we mentioned before is the categorizations such as popular, trending, top-rated, etc., which help the user to find what to watch easily. Almost all videos on this APK come in 1080p quality.

This APK works incredibly well when integrating Real-Debrid, MX Player, and Trakt. Some other cool features within this app are using Subtitles, adding to Favorites, and downloading media.

Popcorn Time APK

Popcorn Time APK

You will fall in love with this APK because it is among the rarest ones that use torrent technology to provide content. It comes with a BitTorrent client and allows the user to stream movies and TV shows in the program’s player. Another advantage of Popcorn Time is that it downloads a part of the movie before streaming and lets you watch your favorite movies and series even with a slow internet connection.

Yidio APK

Yidio APK

Yidio is a service that supports over 70 companies. It has a smooth, user-friendly interface that allows you to search through various services. It boasts a lot of content that is easy to search and find. However, some content, like Netflix, will require a paid subscription. All in all, Yidio will help you find movies and TV shows more accessible. Additionally, there are not so many ads like on other apps.

MediaBox HD APK


It is a perfect movie and TV Shows app that is entirely free and works very well. The app comes with a great interface with some superb features and categories. There is a section with trending titles and even a “Just Pick a Movie for Me” option, which is excellent if you are unsure what you want to watch. The app pulls many links, and there’s an option for viewing offline.



BeeTV comes with an organized interface, and it has an entire library of content that allows you to find whatever you are looking at. This list of movies and series you can watch on BeeTV is endless. The users of Terrarium TV will find BeeTV very similar in terms of layout and sections. It supports Real-Debrid and Trakt. The good news about BeeTV is that you can integrate it into your favorite player. Most users prefer to integrate it with MX for the sake of features provided by this player.

Another benefit of BeeTV APK is that it provides you trailers and makes your selection easier. We can consider BeeTV a streaming app that can view and download all your favorite Movies and TV Shows with ease. Bee TV is frequently updated with content, and in case you miss something you want, you can place a “special request,” and it will add the content.



This is another APK that lets you watch movies and series for free. Most videos on this APK are HD and automatically choose the quality depending on your internet connection. One of the significant advantages of this APK is that it determines the best streaming link for you; hence you do not need to look for the link. It is compatible with Firestick, and users have rated this APK highly all over the world.



Are you looking for an APK for your Movies and TV shows that are both easy-to-use and fast? Sofa TV is the best choice for you. This APK has launched recently, and it has a beautiful appearance and user-interface. There are not many categories in Sofa TV, and it categorizes movies in three groups of Hollywood, Bollywood, and TV shows. Users should not expect many features on this APK since it comes with minimal features to allow people of different ages to use the APK. You can enable subtitles on movies, and it integrates well with MX Player.

Stremio TV APK


Stremio is different from all APKs mentioned above. Most users think of Stremio, similar to Kodi. The app has grown extremely popular among Kodi users because of its simplicity and excellent functionality.

Stremio lets you install third-party add-ons that you can use to stream anything from news, sports, movies, TV shows, music, and Live TV. However, it uses BitTorrent technology, ensuring that a Good VPN like IPVanish is turned on.



You can easily get this APK from Google Play or Apple Store. You will not believe your eyes after downloading Tubi TV. It contains hundreds of movies that you cannot find on any other APK or website. The movies are categorized in various genres such as comedy, action, horror, romance, etc., and you can enjoy all the movies and shows available for free and without any subscription.

MovieBox Pro APK

MovieBox Pro APK

MovieBox Pro also comes with a smooth user-interface and provides free access to thousands of movies and series. There is no need to sign-in to watch series or movies. MovieBox Pro contains a vast library of movies, TV shows, and TV Guide categorized into different genres, ratings, year of release, and the type of content without the interruption of annoying ads. You can watch your favorite movies and TV shows in SD quality but you can also enjoy them in HD quality when you become a VIP member. You can also download your favorite movies so you can watch them on the go.

Crackle APK

Crackle APK

Are you interested in old movies? Crackle is one of the best APKs that features high-rated old movies. It has also categorized movies in various genres so that those interested in old movies can easily find their favorites.

It comes with an internal player, and you do not need an external app to play movies. You can also watch movies with or without subtitles. Spanish users primarily use this APK due to featuring movies in two languages of English and Spanish. Google Chromecast supports crackle; hence you can watch the movies of the APK on your Smart TV or other cast devices.

Freeflix HQ

Freeflix HQ APK

Freeflix HQ is also another free APK for watching movies and series. It is a good choice for users interested in sports because it offers live sports matches. The quality of the shows is 720p. It comes with a simple interface and supports subtitles for more than 50 languages. You can also download your favorite movies and TV shows. This app also has a Parental Control feature that restricts all R-rated movies from being played.



If you search for the best free APKs of 2020, you will notice TeaTV. It is one of the top-rated APKs that have a long history and is constantly improving. It works, of course, on any Android device, but they have Windows and MacOS versions. It supports Debrid and Premiumize, so top quality is also expected. It also offers a wide array of content for your streaming enjoyment. And it features an easy-to-use but also beautiful user interface and a lot of categories to choose from. The good news is that you can watch movies and TV shows and show the latest sporting events, including WWE, MMA, UFC, and more.

This application has recently been updated to version 10.0, and the latest version works ideally like its predecessors. It is a perfect app for streaming. The best thing about this application is that you can integrate it with VLC Media Player, and you can enjoy various extra features such as subtitles in different languages.

MovieFire APK

MovieFire APK

MovieFire is an APK that is not well-known among users but contains a great range of high-quality movies that you can enjoy for free. It also categorizes its movies and has mainly focused on Indian movies. The movies are available in several languages, which has made it popular among Indian-movie fans worldwide.

Crunchyroll APK


Are you interested in Japanese animated movies called anime? If your answer to this question is positive, no doubt you will love Crunchyroll. It offers animes for more than 15000 hours. The good news is that Xbox and PlayStation owners can also add this app to their devices to enjoy watching their favorite anime.

Old Movies APK

Old Movies APK

Are you looking for old movies before the 1970s but you cannot find a good source? Old Movies is the best choice for you because it has a perfect collection of classic movies with higher quality than most popular APKs. It comes with ads, but you can get rid of ads without any payment. You need to rate the app to remove all ads. Unfortunately, Old Movies have focused only on the short timespan of classic movies. Hence, it does not offer many choices; however, you can watch movies like Gone with the Wind or Breakfast at Tiffany’s classic film industry masterpieces.

Kanopy APK


Movies should not be only for mere entertainment. Kanopy has revolutionized APKs by providing content for university students. It has a great collection of scientific movies, documentaries, and various other educational content. All you need to use this APK is uploading your library card or using your university account to log in. Unlike other APKs, Kanopy allows you to download movies to watch them later offline.

FilmRise APK


FilmRise is also an APK for watching movies and series, and the free version comes with some ads. You can search through categories and choose your favorite movie. It not only contains English movies, but also you can find several hundreds of movies in other languages.


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